New from Kel Tec: RDB and M43 in 5.56, 6.5 and 7.62×39

Kel Tec is known for making interesting looking firearms…and then only ever making approximately three a year of each one. Despite the nifty design of, say, the KSG or the Sub-2000, there’s never any on the shelves and there’s no indications that Kel Tec is ramping up production to meet demand. Nevertheless they’re soldiering on, introducing two new rifles at SHOT Show this year that seem to be in the same bullpup-esque vein as the popular RFB and TAVOR SAR rifles. All we have on them at the moment is this ad from a magazine (via PT) but rest assured we’ll get more info as soon as we land in Las Vegas. Looks like we have plenty of time though — the ad notes that the 5.56 version will be available “late 2014” with the others following eventually. “Available” being a relative term.