First Ever Functional Gas Operated Rimfire AR-15 from Franklin Armory


Rimfire AR-15 rifles are nothing new, but they all use a blowback based operating system. This puts tons of stress on the cases, and for some of the more powerful rimfire cartridges it can rupture the cases as they’re being extracted from the gun. Franklin Armory wanted to make a semi-automatic rifle in .17 Winchester Super Magnum, and so they completely redesigned the internal components of an AR-15 to function with the cartridge. Now cases extract under lower pressure, the gun cycles reliably, and you can use all standard AR-15 components for stocks and triggers. Naturally, we’ll test one out and get back to you.


Oh, and its pretty. MSRP is gunna run about $1,799, but for serious varmint hunters accept no substitute.



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29 Responses to First Ever Functional Gas Operated Rimfire AR-15 from Franklin Armory

  1. avatarJeremy S says:

    Cool? Is there a reason to run .17 WSuperM over .223, though?

    Edit: oh yeah, there are areas that legally restrict some hunting (either always, during certain times of the year, or during night time) to rimfire only. And laws that require less than .22 caliber. So it definitely has a niche for the right person.

    • avatarDon says:

      In theory, it would be cheaper per box if it catches on. It would be WSuperCool if they could fit 50 rounds of .17 WSuperM in a standard sized magazine.


      • avatarJeremy S says:

        Ooh that’s true. Although rimmed cartridges are difficult to make function reliably in a double stack magazine config. End up with the rim of one cartridge behind the rim of the next cartridge and it probably won’t feed…

        • avatarDon says:

          awww… the rims. I’d be excited about any kind of 50 round rimfire rifle which doesn’t involve physically large magazines.


        • avatarJoshtheViking says:

          Make it belt fed.

        • avatarcrashbbear says:

          tell that to Kel Tec’s PMR 30…

        • avatarJeremy S says:

          Yeah, the PMR-30 feeds pretty darn reliably. I actually did the TTAG review on it not too terribly long ago. It’s an exception, though. In general double stacked rimmed cartridges are avoided. The PMR-30 magazines actually have some unique features that get around this issue — they were thought out very well. You know what? It might deserve its own post. Double stacked rimmed cartridges are rare and the two things that Kel-Tec did to make it work are simple yet smart enough that it might be worth putting up some photos and describing it. …I’ll write something up…

        • avatarPGT says:

          maybe you could ask them to make more of them, while you’re at it. I’d love one…nice substitute for the FN FiveSeven I sold and it shares caliber with my Biathlon Basic 7-2KO.

        • avatarmurray says:

          Keltec PM30?

    • avatarAnon in CT says:

      Under CT’s law, it might be legal, since the updated 1-feature test AW ban only applies to center-fire cartridges. So rimfires are still subject to the old two-feature test.

      • avatarFTA says:

        I was thinking the same thing here in CA. Rimfire so I won’t have to use a stupid bullet button. I will be keeping an eye on this.

    • avatarWood says:

      And no registration for buying more than one in a state bordering Mexico…

    • avatarDiesel Dan says:

      True, but that Salvador Dali inspired forward assist is aggravating-especially on a $2k rifle.

  2. avataraff89 says:

    I’d love to read about this, but being constantly spammed by ads for and redirected to mal-ware every time I try on my phone is a touch annoying. I get it, ad revenue is a necessary evil. I don’t think it needs to be so pervasive that I have to click no 20 times just to get an ad to go away though.

    I’ve seen this mentioned multiple times and it’s clear it’s beginning to push some of us away. I say us because I’ll only be checking in once in a blue moon to see if you guys have bothered to fix such a glaring issue.

    Kind of a bummer because the content is usually pretty good.

    • avatarModus_Pwnens says:

      What are you talking about? I browse this site almost exclusively on my phone and I’ve never once had to click through ads like you’re describing.

      What type of phone are you using? It may be that you’ve click on one-too-many of those caption contest links or RF’s supermodels…

      • avataraff89 says:

        EVO 4g. This is the only site I’ve ever had an issue with and it’s become a fairly regular one. I’m not the only one that’s had issues with it either so I doubt I’ve picked up something from the few sites I visit and PDFs from sketchy sources like the DOTD or my job…

    • avatarTyler Kee says:

      If you’re browsing the desktop site from a mobile device, you’ll get this ALL THE TIME. However, if you get the mobile version it stops. Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to force Chrome on the iPhone to retrieve the mobile only site.

      TL;DR I feel your pain.

      • avatarTom in Oregon says:

        Not sure what I did or did not do, but I never get ads on my iphone.

      • avatarEd says:

        There is definitely a problem here with the desktop version of the site on a mobile device. It appears likely that some of TTAG’s sponsors have been hit with malware. The ads are trying to propogate the bug.

  3. avatarSteve Truffer says:

    unless you have a “less than .22″ restriction, no.
    223 is cheaper, easier to find, and more powerful.
    5.45 even more so.

  4. avatarJeremy S says:

    Does this stuff burn a lot cleaner than .22 LR? I’d certainly hate to maintain a gas system in a .22 LR gun. I have no experience with the fancy rimfire calibers — just .22 LR, short, etc and .22 WMR — so have no clue if it’s still really dirty stuff or is more like a nice centerfire round.

  5. avatarHkfan says:

    Holy scope height, batman.

  6. avatarDave says:

    So for only 1000 more than a base ar, you get a less powerful rifle with no real advantages.
    Or you can put the 1000 towards ammo. Just sayin’.

  7. avatarnobody says:

    Couldn’t you just get an ar15 chambered in .17 Remington fireball and gain 1,000 fps and the ability to reload?

  8. avatarJeff the Griz says:

    Well this just replaced Olympic Arms’ .17hmr as my most wanted rimfire. I love .17 rimfire just something cool that is that small travelling that fast and depending on bullet type can basically turn to tiny fragments.

  9. with the amo shortage exspecially 22lr and 17 getting scarace here in ga that little 17 hm2 is gone here any one kno where any is reasonably ?

  10. avatarJug says:

    Want one!

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