BREAKING: NY District Attorney Refuses to Stop Enforcing Now-Unconstitutional Ammunition Limits

H&K Mag, c Nick Leghorn

We recently reported that the NY SAFE Act’s provision banning the loading of more than 7 rounds of ammunition in a magazine had been struck down as arbitrary by the a federal court judge, something we all knew but took many months of wrangling to get the anti-gun politicians in New York to understand. However, it now appears that at least one district attorney (Onondaga County, to be specific) thinks that just because the law is unconstitutional doesn’t mean that he won’t enforce it . . .


Less than a year after New York passed historic legislation regulating guns in the state, a Federal judge has made a ruling saying the controversial laws are constitutional.

The judge in Buffalo did strike down one controversial provision – the limitation on ammunition to large capacity magazines. The SAFE Act currently limits magazines to seven bullets.

However, Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick noted that the ruling is only binding in the Western District of New York.

He says the limitation on ammunition will continue to be enforced in the Northern District of New York – which includes the greater Syracuse area.

My question is this: how does Bill Fitzpatrick justify his continued persecution of gun owners? Does he think that his specific county is a Constitution-free zone? Does he not understand that prosecuting people for something that has already been found unconstitutional in the same state in which he operates will cost taxpayers untold hundreds of thousands of dollars in court fees and reparations once those individuals are exonerated? Or does he simply think that gun owners are scum?

Stay tuned.