New From Tapco: Arctic White AR, AK Furniture.

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAG

I thought white gun furniture looked pretty awesome when I saw it on the cover of the Rogue Spear video game years and years ago. But then I realized what a slob I am, and discovered how quickly my favorite shooting quarries can make a white gun not look so white any more. For those of you in cleaner or snowier climes, Tapco is introducing full sets of AR and AK furniture (not shown) in the dazzling ‘Arctic White’ color . . .

The crappy lighting of the SHOW Show side exhibition rooms doesn’t quite do it justice, but these stocks and vertigrips are whiter than virgin copier paper. Why Tapco didn’t stick these on an actual AR demo gun, or at least a full-metal airsoft gun, I’ll never understand. They’re awfully nice-looking, but keeping them sparkling white could be nearly impossible.

MSRP: $150-ish