New Striker-Fired P320: SIG/Sauer Nails It


The P320 has been kept under wraps for a long time, but I finally got my hands on SIG/Sauer’s new striker-fired pistol today. We’ll never know for sure until we get to shoot one, but I’m thinking SIG/Sauer has a winner on their hands here. Why? . . .

It keeps the three-caliber modularity and excellent grip ergonomics of the P250, but it replaces the unloved DAO fire control system with a modern striker-fired action.

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAG

Here’s the rear view. It looks just like a P250, but where’s the hammer? Gone. The striker mechanism has a smooth (yes, smooth) and short trigger pull, with a very short and very tactile reset point. For most shooters this will translate into quicker split times and greatly improved practical accuracy.


SIG’s cleverness doesn’t end here, however. P320 slide assemblies and fire control groups are completely new but the grip frames, barrels, magazines and accessories are all interchangeable from the P250.

The 320 has an MSRP of $719, with actual street prices to be predictably lower. I desperately want to test one of these, which will be really simple since I’ve already got a half-dozen magazines and a spare grip frame for it.