Chris Survives The Sako Safari .416 Rigby

Image: Nick Leghorn for TTAG

The Sako Safari is a gorgeous brute of a gun, a traditional dangerous-game rifle that will stop a charging…well, anything on Earth dead in its tracks. This gun would probably be my answer to Monday’s Question Of The Day, if I had my druthers. Nick and I both got to shoot it, but I think I flinched the best so it’s my video and not his that’s headed for YouTube immortality . . .

Even if you ignore the recoil (and that’s a assuming a lot) this gun isn’t for everyone. The rifle itself weighs nearly ten pounds empty, and costs at least $9,000 depending on where you buy it.

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAG

If you can swing that kind of money, you probably won’t mind paying at least $4.75 per round for its cigar-sized cartridges. Another upside? At prices like this, .416 Rigby ammo is almost never sold out.