Cannon Dual-Access EMP Lock: For When The Grid Goes Dark

Image: Chris Dumm For TTAG

If you’re worried about an EMP taking out the grid and taking down all of your electronics at the same time, you probably don’t have a quick-access electronic lock on your gun safe. Which means your gun safe is pretty slow to access, and pretty much impossible to open in the dark. If that description fits you, Cannon Safe Company might have just what you need . . .

Their Commander, Cannon, and Armory safe lines are now offered with their unique dual access EMP lock. As the picture shows, it combines the speedy tactile opening of an electronic lock with the EMP- and flood-proof reliability of a mechanical combination lock.

Image courtesy Cannon Safe Company

I’m planning to replace the electronic lock on my gun safe with a mechanical lock, and these combo combination locks look like the bee’s knees. Sadly for me, Cannon isn’t offering this lock as a retrofit for safes from other manufacturers; it’s currently available only as OEM on most Cannon safes.