I have a feeling cops in Malaysia are like cops anywhere. Just sayin’ . . .

24 Responses to What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Epic Gun Fight Prank Edition

  1. Clearly cardboard, even at a distance. They deserved (and got) no more attention than a couple of five-year-olds doing the same thing with sticks.

  2. i lived in Malaysia for a while cops there are crooked all of them if u get pulled over u bribe them or go to jail

  3. Gun ownership is a capital crime within that slave-state. Unless you are the supreme leader or have a license directly from him.

  4. Some pimply faced teens with cardboard cutout guns playing games in the park, and they call it “epic?”
    I don’t think that means what they think it means.

    Nevertheless, I’ve seen a number of similar pranks posted online before, one or two of them on TTAG, and some of them could well be taken as real by a cop or armed bystander. The paintball gun attacks in particular could elicit a very unfunny response from some of these prank victims themselves. It’s all fun and games until someone loses a glabella.

  5. I was expecting something like a bunch of mall ninjas with full auto blank firing replicas, not two idiots being idiots. Now THAT would be epic… and as ungodly stupid-ass full retard terrible as an idea could be.

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