Exeter, RI Votes to Recall Anti-Gun Council Members Today


“I didn’t realize that so many people here in our corner of Rhode Island were so passionate about guns,” a nonplussed Calvin Ellis told the Wall Street Journal. Bless his heart. It’s safe to say, though, that he and his three fellow Exeter town council members have now been thoroughly educated on that matter. That’s because, as RF relayed, 80% of the town council – Ellis included – stand to lose their jobs in a recall election today because they voted to transfer their shall-issue concealed carry licensing authority to the state’s may-issue attorney general. As resident Letitia Davis told wsj.com, “Our rights are at issue here—our Second Amendment rights as well as our rights to be listened to by our elected leaders.” We’re listening, Letitia. And watching. You go, girl.  [h/t SZ]