The Long and Winding Road to the Perfect Carry Gun

An anonymous reader writes: Soon after my state became a “Shall Issue” state, I purchased the ideal concealed carry weapon. As you’ll see, I continue to purchase the ideal concealed carry weapon. Over and over again. Here’s a short list of my quest for the perfect carry gun: Firearm and Purchasing Rationale: GLOCK 26 – […]

BREAKING: Federal Judge Upholds NY’s SAFE Act, Rejects 7-Round Limits

From “Chief U.S. District Judge William M. Skretny said the law, a response to the Sandy Hook shootings that killed 20 children and six adults, is not a violation of the Second Amendment. The one exception Skretny found was the law’s seven-round limit, which he called “tenuous, strained and unsupported.” Gun rights organizations are expected to […]

TTAG’s Best of 2013 Readers Choice Awards

  Year-end lists have become pretty much obligatory. But when we decided to name the best of the best in the world of guns for 2013 – a first for TTAG – we didn’t want to do all the heavy lifting ourselves. Where’s the fun in that? Instead, we figured it made more sense to […]

Quote of the Day: When the Mask Slips Edition

“If gun owners are the minority, that minority has turned into a majority and recalled two senators. Every time pro-gun control advocates reveal their stance, they end up paying for it at the polls. They are taking a beating on the gun issue in Colorado.” – Colorado State Shooting Association president Tony Fabian, Colorado sees record […]

NY Times: We Don’t Know Squat About Guns

In a recent After Deadline Blog post (Newsroom Notes on Usage and Style) entitled ‘Getting Guns Right,’ the New York Times’ Philip B. Corbett acknowledged something The People of the Gun have known virtually since they could read. He quoted a correction the Times recently ran: A picture caption on Thursday for a special report […]

Quote of the Day: Law of the Land Edition

  “Florida State University had a policy prohibiting weapons in vehicles, which it established after exercising what it thought was an applicable exemption to the state statute. That policy is now void in light of the 1st District Court of Appeal’s decision.” – Florida State University spokesman Jeanette DeDiemar, Fla. University Won’t Appeal Court Ruling on Guns […]