Has Texas Rep. Louie Gomert Lost his Mind?

In the course of discussing Obamacare’s [alleged] provision of a double secret “officer corps,” Texas Rep. Louie Gomert wonders (darkly) about Uncle Sam’s decision to stockpile ammo, including hollow points. And then he asserts “most ranges don’t let you use hollow-points; they’re too destructive of the target.” Gomert goes on to assert—rightly—that America’s “not supposed to have a secret security force.” (*cough* NSA *cough*) Or any of the hidden activities of any of the fed’s alphabet soup of law enforcement agencies. (*cough* Fast and Furious *cough*) Of course, none of that is as worrying as, say, New York’s SAFE Act. That’s the thing about conspiracy theories: it’s the conspiracy right in front of you that you need to worry about. Still, extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Right? [h/t DrVino]