Incendiary Image of the Day: Gun World Hearts SIGs “Assault Rifle”

Gun World December Issue (courtesy Benny for The Truth About Guns)

The SIG SAUER 556R is one hell of a modern sporting rifle. Or, if you prefer, rifle. Calling the civilian model an “assault rifle” is both technically incorrect and against the interests of The People of the Gun; the term was bastardized and mainstreamed by gun control advocates bent on civilian disarmament. That said, Gun World’s decision to use the term on its cover could simply reflect editorial senility. The buff book [that never met a gun it didn’t like] is “one of the oldest and most respected names in firearms journalism, now in its 51st year of publication, is part of the dynamic Beckett Media family of Outdoor publications.” The passive construction and extra characters on their About Us web page are all theirs. As is the onus to explain the lapse. [h/t Benny]