FNS-40 Content Contest: The Burden of Guardianship

By Adam Caporello Small town America did me no favors. The quaint Massachusetts village of less than 6,000 had no crime to speak of, so doors were kept unlocked at all times. We were raised comfortably oblivious to the reality in which most people live. For that I am mostly grateful. Mostly . . .

You’re Damned Right the Police are Militarized. So?

  Reader BgreeneA3 writes: I keep hearing the term “police militarization” thrown around here. To that I ask, when have the police NOT been militarized? Police, sheriff or any law enforcement type organization are in fact “para-military”  and always have been. They all have an organized rank structure, like the military.  They wear uniforms, like the military. […]

FNS-40 Contest Entry: From Hesitant to Healed

  By Kristen May I grew up in a family where wild game, from pheasant and duck, to antelope and deer, was a regular feature of the table. I can remember fighting with my siblings for the last piece of deer sausage from my grandfather’s last hunt, and winter meals of pheasant cacciatore. N.R.A membership simply was a fact […]

Quote of the Day: Vindication Edition

  “This tragedy comes down to his access to guns of mass destruction. At a scrawny 112 pounds he was not much of a physical threat. With his Bushmaster AR-15 he was a killing machine. If anything, this report vindicates the passage of the tough new gun laws in Connecticut, broadening the definition of assault weapons […]

Have Retailers Been Hoarding All The .22 LR Ammo?

  Reader David B. writes: For some time, I have been pondering where all the .22 ammo is going. Our Wal-Mart gets a small shipment every Wednesday and our Dick’s Sporting Goods gets a minuscule amount every Thursday. Surely, I thought, the ammo has to be going somewhere. Well, I have confirmation that it most […]