Just Arrived From My FFL: Del-Ton Evolution

We used to get a lot of ARs to review around here. At one point in 2012 I had three of them in my gun safe (only one of them my own) and then Sandy Hook happened and the flow of T&E guns went dry for a while. Well, let the floodgates open again: I just picked up Del Ton’s Evolution carbine from my FFL guy . . .

I should have said “it doesn’t feel like a heavy two-stage trigger.” It’s definitely a two-stager, but it feels like a good one. The rest of the Evolution has all the good gubbins you want on an AR: a chrome-lined 16″ barrel, midlength gas system, Samson sights and free-float rail, and Magpul furniture.

Now all I need is about 500 rounds of the cheapest bulk 5.56 you can point me to.