Ruger 10/22 Customization Contest Reaches Final Ten

Lightly modified Ruger 10/22 (courtesy

As we reported, Ruger’s running a contest to create an out-of-the-box modded 10/22 50th anniversary model. The judges have chosen the final ten. The gun above is . . . tasteful? Still, props to Bill from Montana for going all American Graffiti on the finish while resisting the urge to do anything else at all. In fact he disses his fellow entrants by asserting that the anniversary rifle shouldn’t be “some strange conglomeration of aftermarket parts.” Yes, well, let’s see what his competition has to say about that . . .

Another lightly modified Ruger 10/22 (courtesy

Joe from Nebraska shares Bill from Montana’s distaste for ballistic bling, and then some. Joe brassed-up the bits and cut the 10/22’s standard stock to look like a straight stock—making a classic rifle look decidedly goofy. Staining the stock doesn’t do much for the wood, either. Still, retro, no?

Modded Ruger 10/22 (courtesy

Rick from Alabama is a man of few words. “My take on a classic sporter,” his caption reads. The stock look much better than Joe’s effort but one wonders if one needs to be sitting in the next room to get a proper sight picture.

"Theoretical" Take-Down Ruger 10/22 (courtesy

Is that a banana clip [sic] I spy with my little eye? It’s part of Chris from Tennessee’s “theoretical” take down model, with two barrels to boot. This makes his entry suitable for any “shooting activity,” whether it’s precision shooting, plinking at the range, or going on a long hike.” A survivalist he is not.

BABY SCOUT modded Ruger 10/22 (courtesy

Alan from Colorado is a doo-dad kinda guy. He calls his AR’ed 10/22 the BABY SCOUT and claims it’s a great foraging and utility rifle. Don’t know if I’d want a red dot scope on a gun that’s headed into the wild—or anything else that could be knocked off the rifle or run out of juice. Still, props for side rails. I guess.

Gary's modded Ruger 10/22 (courtesy

Gary from Michigan’s modded the 10/22 with existing Ruger parts, which will please the gunmaker’s marketing department no end. It’s an all -rounder that looks like a rugged, tastefully modified 10/22, strangely enough.

Ruger 10/22 as AK-47 (courtesy

Jeremy from Vermont imagines the Ruger 10/22 as an AK-47 wannabe. He’s not the first person to transform the Ruger rimfire into a faux “assault rifle.” Or not so faux as the Norwegians might tell you. Where do you grip the thing with your off-hand?

Tyler's 10/22 entry is in the bag (courtesy

This reminds me of Ricardo Montalban’s famous remark, “I love what they’ve done to my car.” The 10/22’s wood is giving me same and two barrels are better than one (as above). And another banana clip [sic]. Someone might want to tell Tyler from Washington about Bill Ruger’s position on the Assault Weapons Ban and then ask if it’s a good idea to include anything more than a 10-round mag to please a riflemaker [still] selling products in New York, NJ, Massachusetts, California, etc.

Out of the box Ruger 10/22 (courtesy

Finally someone who’s thinking outside the box. Burke from California’s modded 10/22 has more than a touch of Volquartsen-envy to it but at least it’s something bold and fresh (and not in a Bill O’Reilly sense of the term). My fave by far.

Kev's 10/22 (courtesy

There’s a whole lot of scope goin’ on with Kevin from Wisconsin’s rifle. By his own admission it’s a benchrest rifle. I like what he’s done with the stock but that bipod looks like tits on a bull, as they say in the UK. He would have done better to have displayed the gun on a shooting bag.