PETA “Air Angel” Drones to Monitor Hunters

PETA Air Angel Drone (courtesy

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) don’t like hunting. They don’t consider it ethical. Practical. Or desirable. The anti-hunting org would like the rest of the world to see it their way. To that end, they’re promoting, selling ($324.99) and deploying video-enabled Air Angel Drones [above], complete with a flying bunny logo. In terms of stopping hunting perhaps PETA should have opted for a winged pig logo. Anyway, I predict we’re going to see—well someone’s going to see—a lot of crash videos on PETA’s Drone-specific YouTube channel. Here’s PETA’s sales pitch . . .

Using your hobby drone, you can collect instant to-your-phone video footage of hunters engaging in illegal activity, such as drinking while in possession of a firearm, injuring animals and failing to pursue them, and illegally using spotlights, feed lures, and other nasty but common hunting tricks. Your amateur footage can be used to alert game wardens and other authorities to who is doing what to animals.

While hunters hide in trees or pretend to be ducks in order to inflict harm, hobby drone operators who are always careful not to interfere with wildlife or hunters just may end up saving lives.

So PETA doesn’t want members to use Air Angel Drones to harass hunters or scare away animals before the hunters can shoot them. Of course not. Because it says nothing of the sort in their ad copy. D’uh. Funny that the drones used are model ARs.