New from Advanced Ballistic Concepts: Multiple Impact Bullet


You remember my APB asking for the loan of an Austin-area Remington 870. I can now reveal my hidden agenda: I need an 870 to test Advanced Ballistics Concepts’ Multiple Impact Bullet. As you can see above, the round requires its own rifled choke tube—if you want to improve the bolo round’s performance out of your [otherwise] smooth barrel shotgun. ABC offers three chokes tubes that cover 95 percent of all existing scatterguns. But this is the one they sent us. Thanks to our readers’ generosity we’ll soon be testing the 12-gauge Multiple Impact Bullet ammo on, well, isn’t it obvious? Our new friend and ammo-testing contributor ShootingtheBull410 will also provide more scientific evaluation. And then we’re going to celebrate with a Remington 870 Schützenfest! But before all that a little history . . .

I first ran into this strange and wonderful ammo at the SHOT show 2012. Inventor/promoter Todd Kuchman was kind enough to let me shoot his 9mm Kevlar-connected bolo round and man did it make a mess of a paper target. I wouldn’t say I was sold on the concept—a round with a 24″ spread may not be the ammo you want to use in a hostage situation—but I was intrigued.

At the time, Todd was looking to license the round to a major ammo maker. When that didn’t happen he raised the cash to pursue his pie-shaped dream. Or, as Adanced Ballistic Concepts’ website puts it, a round that combines the accuracy of a spin-stabilized bullet with the increased hit probability and stopping power of multi-projectile-shot (i.e., buckshot).

ABC is now accepting orders for its $30-per-box-of-five shotgun ammo, promising 30-day delivery from the time you warm your credit card on their behalf. And again, you’ll need a $50 choke tube if you want to slice and dice the bad guy with a Multiple Impact Bullet in a Remington 870—unless your Remmy’s barrel is already rifled. Plus $30 for a box of five shotgun shells. Is it worth it? Will it blend? Watch this space.