BREAKING: CA School Apologizes to NRA Shirt-Wearing Teen

Haley Bullwinkle in her NRA T-shirt (courtesy

What’s this? Fan mail from some flounder? Nope. An apology from Michael Christensen, the Superintendent of Schools, Orange County Unified School District, to Haley Bullwinkle, the student forced to change out of her NRA shirt because “it depicted violence.”

“Canyon High School has a policy prohibiting clothing depicting or promoting violence.  In this incident, a student was referred to the counseling office by a security officer because she was wearing a shirt with a logo that included a rifle.  The student was instructed by a staff member to change her shirt and was provided another shirt to wear . . .

The parents contacted the principal a week after the incident to express concern.  At that time, the principal was unaware of the incident and provided an initial response regarding the school policy on clothing that depicts violence.  After reviewing pictures of the shirt, the principal determined that the shirt logo does not promote violence.

The family was contacted and advised that wearing the shirt was not contrary to the school dress code policy and the student will be permitted to wear the shirt.  The student and family received an apology and assurance that training will be provided to staff so an incident like this does not occur again.