Where Does That “90% of Americans Support Expanded Background Checks” Come From?

(courtesy quinnipiac.edu)

TTAG reader Jeff F writes:

A lot of people don’t understand where this “90 percent of Americans support expanded background checks” number came from. It’s been drawn from a Quinnipiac study. If you want to know the truth about this statistic, pay special attention to the wording in question 31, and also the never-ever-ever mentioned question 35 from the SAME study. It’s pretty funny. Here’s question 31 . . .

31. Do you favor or oppose requiring background checks for all gun buyers?” Over 90% said they favor background checks.

Notice how the question never uses the word “expanded” in any way, or asks the respondent if they support the new gun control laws. Quite a stretch to interpret an affirmative answer to this question to mean support for the new laws and “Expanded” background checks, right?

Question 35 is also pretty cool, in that it seems to have been magically stricken from the minds of the media and the White House.

Here’s question 35:

35. Who do you think better reflects your views on guns, President Obama or the National Rifle Association?

45% said the NRA, 44% said Obama.

More respondents agree with the NRA than with Obama. This would seem to indicate that while people like background checks, they do NOT like the new idea of “expanded” background checks.

Dishonesty by our adversaries, and yet I have not yet seen anyone take them to task on it. Their own study contradicts their statements, and we don’t seem to be using this against them. Why?! The same study with the same people, yet question 31 is trumpeted to the heavens by the gun-banners, while question 35 is never mentioned, even by our side?

Why is this never mentioned, and can you get the word out? [ED: We mention it as often as possible, such as this editorial.]