In retrospect, I should have gotten some slow-mo video of the MP7A1 as well. But that’s something that can be rectified the next time I visit El Dorado.

15 Responses to Thursday Moment of Zen: Slow Motion Machine Guns

    • I recently received a mailing for a semi-auto version (still probably banned in MA) which looked great. The $4600 price tag didn’t look as great, but, hey, it’s out there for the non-NFA person.

  1. I’ve always heard about the problem of muzzle climb with the Thompson, but that slow-mo did not seem to show any significant problem. Interesting. The “pistol” on full auto, however…looks like you’d want to start out aiming at the kneecaps.

  2. What type of video editor are you using?
    When I take a full-speed video & slow it down, I loose all audio.

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