Store Review: Outpost Armory

Barrett 50

In what I hope can become a recurring “thing” for TTAG, I’ve decided to start taking pictures and giving a bit of a review on the customer experience at various gun stores I find in my travels. Today’s feature is Outpost Armory in Christiana, TN . . .

Exterior View

I found myself at the Outpost after returning from the Nashville Airport on a mission to retrieve a friend for a boys’ weekend (some might call it a bachelor party). Located about 40 miles southeast of Nashville on I-24, Outpost Armory moves into first place for having the highest concentration of Barrett Firearms I’ve ever seen. Given that Murfreesboro is only 10 miles away, and a thread on says that Ronnie Barrett’s son is the owner, I guess I’m not surprised.

Store view 2

The Armory is also about the best-lit, cleanest gun store I’ve ever set foot in. All of the displays were organized in an appealing manner, the floors were clean, and…the guns. Oh baby, the guns. The big Barrett was there along with a dozen variations on the platform. I got to put hands on the BORS system as well as drool over some .50 cal suppressors.

9 mm speer

And they had ammo, too! And t-shirts, and Magpul goodies, and slings, and such. Just about anyone could expect to visit their store and find something you needed to buy.

This hurts to say, but as any customer knows, gun stores aren’t typically known for their customer service skills. They mostly feature crusty gunsmiths flinging obscenities and guys named Richard asking, “Can I help you?” without actually much meaning behind it. The Outpost, though, is most decidedly not in that category.

Everyone was very helpful, pleasant, and knowledgeable. No less than three people asked me if I’d found what I was looking for. So yes, the fine folks at Outpost Armory could have my business any day. And they did. I bought a box of ammo because it was the only thing I could afford.

-50 rail

I remarked to one of my friends as we were leaving that stores like Outpost Armory are the face of American Gun Store 2.0. My generation likes tacticool stuff, they’re used to a positive retail experience and they have cash to burn. The Outpost has the first two in spades and seems prepared to cheerfully accept the latter.

If you find yourself anywhere south of Nashville, it’s worth your time to head over to Outpost Armory to drool all over their pretty guns. And if you buy one, invite us to come shoot it!