Question of the Day: How Do The People of the Gun Change the Optics?

Gun range (courtesy

DrVino wonders “why are are highly restrictive gun laws that severely infringe on 2A rights called ‘tough?’ Are we viewed as a collective rabble of unruly and misbehaved children?” Here’s a clue from a recent New York Times editorial: “In a particularly egregious display of insensitivity and arrogance, cocky celebrants of gun rights packed their weapons openly and legally this month on the streets of Newtown, Conn., where a shooter gunned down 20 schoolchildren and six adults last December. Similarly swaggering gun enthusiasts showed up this summer in Aurora, Colo., to protest new gun controls even as residents were commemorating the 12 people killed and 70 wounded last year when a gunman invaded a moviehouse.” So we’re swaggering simpletons clinging to our guns and our bibles, then. [Not shown.] How do we counter that view?