Question of the Day: After the Colorado Recall, What Next?

“Before organizations like ours existed, this Colorado recall campaign would have been a slam dunk for the gun lobby,” Gabby Giffords & Mark Kelly assert in an email blast to supporters of Americans for Responsible [though thankfully not final] Solutions. “But whatever happens next Tuesday night, those days are over. And that’s because of people like you who have had enough of the gun violence ravaging our communities and the politicians afraid to stop it. So far, almost 13,000 Americans for Responsible Solutions supporters have donated to help us run television ads supporting both of the candidates facing recall for passing expanded background checks earlier this year.  The private polls show a dead-heat and the early vote numbers give us some reason for optimism, but there’s still time before the polls close and the counting begins. The gun lobby isn’t going down without a fight — and neither are we.” Sounds like the doyennes of disarmament know they’re going to lose. What then? Will the recall be a waypoint on the journey towards gun rights restoration or a Pyrrhic victory? Lest we forget, the lights are going out in California . . . What should be the next move for friends of firearms freedom?


  1. avatar Rob.G says:

    Simple. Work tirelessly to remove anyone in office with a (D) after their name.

    1. avatar Totenglocke says:

      Then, we work tireless to remove anyone with an R after their name.

      1. avatar Ross says:


        I’m guessing here, but gun freedom is not your one issue is it.

        1. avatar Totenglocke says:

          Nope, my issue is freedom.

        2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

          Based on previous comments from Totenglocke, firearms rights are his first priority and he would like to see all government removed.

        3. avatar Totenglocke says:

          I’d like to see all aspects of government that exist to deny people their rights removed. Unfortunately, like too many gun owners, you think that things such as your preferred religion and social values should be legislated and it be a crime to disagree with you.

    2. avatar J in Ga says:

      Never going to get rid of all the Democrats.

      Need to convert more of the D-types to be gun types, plain and simple. With a broad base of Republicans, Democrats, and Independants we, as in we the people of the gun, won’t have to try to convince others to vote for gun rights over something else.

    3. avatar RobGR says:

      It is shortsight, if not negligent to assume that only the DNC looks to curb our 2A Right. Look at the record of the politician, not the party! Partisan rhetoric is very successful in controlling a vast majority of our population when their actual record clearly testifies to the contrary. As the article touches upon CA, let’s look who started the slippery slope (phrase from a recent article in the SDUT) toward disarming the citizenry. Ronnie Reagan, as Governator, signed the Mulford Act into law after Black Panthers “stormed” the Capitol, exercising their 2A Right against domestic tyranny. He also fully supported 10 round magazine limitations and waiting periods. Let’s not forget Bush Sr who signed an executive order banning importation of AWs, which eventually led to the federal AW Ban signed by Clinton, there’s your (D). And wasn’t it under George Deukmejian’s watch that Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act passed? Granted, the public outcry after a 1989 school shooting in CA propelled emotionally based, illogical laws that no one could stop, especially if reason were at all brought to the discussion table. We needed knee jerk legislation to solve our issues! Sound familiar? Issa is my Congressional Representative, supposedly pro CCW, but his office has never returned a call and it is basically impossible to get a CCW in my district. They are all responsible.

      1. avatar Hal says:

        One party has gun control as part of it’s official party platform. The other does not.

        1. avatar RobGR says:

          Yes, the Libertarian Party.

          Stop perpetuating the two party, one system lie. And did you just ignore what I wrote? Vote outside the DNC and the GOP, the last candidate might as well have been Obamney. Spread the word because Washington DC needs a serious overhaul and voting from the same old puppets isn’t goin to cut it.

        2. avatar Rich Grise says:

          “One party has gun control as part of it’s official party platform. The other does not.”
          “Yes, the Libertarian Party. ”

          Who in HELL told you that? The Libertarian party is the only party who support the Consstitution!
          Please, I implore you to visit and look at what we really stand for!

          Wait, here’s a short list of ways to distinguish a libertarian:

          If you think 99 percent of politicians give the rest of them a bad name, you might be a Libertarian.
          If you think taxes are ridiculously high, you might be a Libertarian.
          If you think that the problem with civil servants is that too many of them are neither civil nor servants, you might be a Libertarian.
          If someone asks you to take a urine test and you feel like telling them you’ll give them a taste test, you might be a Libertarian.
          If you think that there are way too many laws about way too many things, you might be a Libertarian.
          If you believe in the Bill of Rights, you might be a Libertarian.
          If you believe that no one should go to jail for smoking flowers, you might be a Libertarian.
          If you believe that just about everything should be bought and sold on an open market except politicians, you might be a Libertarian.
          If you are glad you don’t get all the government you pay for, you might be a Libertarian.
          If you think the US Constitution is the only contract with America you need, you might be a Libertarian.
          If you think the only gun permit you need is the Second Amendment, you might be a Libertarian.
          If the only way you can tell a left winger from a right winger is by which one of their hands is in which one of your pockets, you might be a Libertarian.
          If you think the left is too left and the right is just plain wrong, you might be a Libertarian.
          If you think polluters should pay for the environmental damage they cause, you might be a Libertarian.

          And take the quiz:

        3. avatar Neal Williams says:

          One party has gun confiscation as their goal, the other will pacify their base whenever its politically acceptable. So I give two shits about what party is in office as long as they are staunchly pro-gun.

          We’ve been sold out under the table by the Republican Fudd’s too often. The Liberal Left always want confiscation, that’s a constant. But trusting Republicans to be anti-gun confiscation is just naive.

          At this point one of the main reasons why most of the gun confiscation steps federally haven’t come to pass is the Republicans wanting to screw Obama as much as possible. If a Republican president was in office, gun control would have passed.

          I know people don’t want to believe that, but its true.

        4. avatar Jason says:

          One party has gun control as part of it’s official party platform. The other does not goes along with the first party’s efforts.

        5. avatar Hal says:

          the Libertarian Party has never and will never support gun control. Stop spreading lies and acting like a troll.

        6. avatar Hal says:

          I am not a republican. They are terrible and that is why I am a Libertarian. That being said, generally the only thing worse than a republican is a democrat and all of you closet-dem gun owners rushing to defend them on here are siding with the greater of two evils. Are there anti-gun republicans? You bet. Are there pro-gun democrats? Of course… plus as a bonus both sides enjoy squashing the 1st and 4th amendments whenever they can. However if I had no choice and absolutely had to get behind one of those two parties I would be forced to choose republicans. They at least pay lip service to the ideas of small government and personal liberties (except abortion and gay marriage where Republicans are generally wrong because they have allowed zealots to legislate religion). It might not be ideal, it might suck and it offends my sense of liberty. BUT, whether I like it or not it is a LOT easier to start with a party that is open to the ideas of liberty and small government than to try and force it onto a party whose mainstream consists of progressive statists.

    4. avatar Gs650g says:

      Voter ID laws might swing a few states if implemented.

    5. avatar mina says:

      In IL the downstate Democrats led the charge to secure our Conceal Carry rights.

      Democrats are not always the enemy. Only anti-gun, close-minded people are the enemy.

      The minute you write off a whole segment of people due to their political affiliation you are limiting your allies. Unwise.

      1. avatar RobGR says:

        Well said, Mina.

  2. avatar zora says:

    As a person stuck in CA, I hate California.

    1. avatar Denny says:

      As a former Truck Driver I hate Commiforna. Too.. What a bunch of arrogant double standard SOB’s.. Oh and the Illegals too.

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    Whoa there. The recall is far from over (although a heavy turnout has been reported in early voting) and we might not know the result until Wednesday of next week, or even later.

    Oddly enough, the next move will be defeating this despicable administration in Congressional voting on Syria. Obama became a de facto lame duck when the lost his post-Newtown campaign to repeal 2A. Congress can shovel dirt on his political grave by voting against Obama’s insane plan to protect his fellow Muslims by wasting American blood and treasure.

    1. avatar Rich Grise says:

      I’ve been waiting on my Syria fax until someone mentions Syria. Here’s what I wrote in a fax to my congresscritter:

      Do NOT under any circumstances, allow the Lunatic-in-chief to get America bogged down in yet another unwinnable, immoral, unconstitutional war or “police action” or whatever he wants to call it; We MUST stop wasting American lives and treasure intervening in other countries’ civil wars. It would serve ABSOLUTELY NO PURPOSE, and would FURTHER UNDERMINE America’s credibility around the world.

      1. avatar James1000 says:

        Fax? It just goes to show you: Bad technology generally isn’t the problem; it’s the people who persist in using that technology rather than embracing far superior alternatives.

        1. avatar Rich Grise says:

          I’ve heard that a Fax is better than email because, like a snail mail letter, it’s more tangible in a physical sense than email. And, unlike email, they don’t have an autoresponder that just blows you off. Kids these days, as always, disdain the old ways that work, because they just gotta have the latest whiz-bang technocrap just because it’s new. Of course, us old guys can’t keep up so good due to the natural geriatric brain ossification. 😉

  4. avatar Clay says:

    Did anyone else find this video a little creepy?

    1. avatar Hal says:

      Creepy? No. Douchey? Yes.

    2. avatar KAT says:

      Yip, but I find all anti gun rights videos creepy. Especially Gabby Giffords & Mark Kelly ones

  5. avatar Hal says:

    You mean what do we do after democrats employ massive fraud to beat the recall effort? Sweet f*cking nothing would be my answer. I mean, what can one do against a party that believes the ends justify the means? Folks who think that there is a PRAYER that we will win this recall are in for a rude awakening. Voter fraud is democrat SOP and in this race they’re playing for keeps. The recall effort doesn’t stand a chance.

    Be openly rude and intolerably mean to rats fleeing sinking ships when they come to your state. Maybe that will help stop the spread of the plague.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      We can win the election. We just can’t win the recount.

      “Remember the first rule of politics. The ballots don’t make the results, the counters make the results. The counters. Keep counting.”

      1. avatar Hal says:

        Totally. Whether it’s dead people voting, ACORNesque voter registration fraud or some other manner of douchbaggery there are shennanigans afoot. Upfront, during the recount or both.

      2. avatar Jeff says:

        Ah yes, the method by which us here in Washington state received our last several democratic gubernatorial victors.

        2004, republican Dino Rossi won the governor’s race. In response, the WA state dem party requested recounts. They had to recount THREE TIMES until enough “missing ballots” were “found” in democratic powerhouse King County.

        How convenient that the state elections board was satisfied as soon as the democrat Christine Gregoire was shown to be in the lead by just a couple hundred votes, if not less, and no more recounts were requested after that.

        That is called open-air election fraud, but because the democrats run the state and its election board, it was OK and nobody bothered slapping the state down for it.

        1. avatar Ralph says:

          The Minnesota Senate race in 2008. The Democrats kept counting until Franken won by about 300 votes. By then the poor counters were tired, and besides, it would be embarrassing to win a recount by a landslide.

        2. avatar Rich Grise says:

          I wonder if they’re glad they voted for him. Anybody remember him from SNL? “Vote for me, Al Franken. You’ll be glad you did.”

    2. avatar OldBenTurninginGrave says:

      General rule of thumb is that you have to beat democrats by more the 5% margin, which is about the amount they can cheat in most cases. It’s worse in some places, of course, better in others. don’t know about these districts.

    3. avatar Gs650g says:

      This recall was in the works for months, long enough to organize and collaborate a vote fraud. Should they keep their seats they will move on tougher laws so there is incentive for fraud.

    4. avatar Rob1285 says:

      I consider myself a “naturalized Texan”. Born in DE, lived in Dubai and then Massachusetts for a few years before moving to texas, but I’ve spent the majority of my life here. As such, I like to try and exhibit “Souther Hospitality” to any out of staters, much as I have recieved. But I do my best to discourage people moving here from Mass and CA and trying to bring their politics with them.

      Fleeing from those states (whose anti-gun stance is amazingly ironic)? Then come on down? Want to bring taxachusetts and commiefornia with you? You sir can move right the hell on through.

  6. avatar pk in AZ says:

    Said it a few times now:

    gabby and mr. giffords

    FOAD already!

  7. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    From police officer to chief in less than 13 years? Really?
    Probably a reason he’s a former officer.
    I smell the Peter principle.

    1. avatar Denny says:

      Probably extra hand lotion too

  8. avatar dwb says:

    Ah, yes, when you expect to lose you start marking down expectations and tell your supporters how hard you fought. The famous “we lost but gave ’em hell, send more money so the fight continues” speech.

  9. avatar Chuck in IL says:

    Lets invade California. Anex Baja and Arizona and start over.

    1. avatar Jay In Florida says:

      Hell NO!!!!!!!
      Let Kalifornia secede get the hell rid of them once and for all.
      The good folks get out while you can.
      The rest enjoy your New Mexico II.
      I want no part of the West Coast nor the East for that matter.

  10. avatar JSF01 says:

    The next is simple, There are still two people that they had wanted to get a recall vote for, so they need vote them out plus all others that voted for those gun control laws in the general election

  11. avatar CA.Ben says:

    “Before billionaires like Bloomberg started dumping out of state money to oppose grassroots efforts, we couldn’t do anything to suppress the voices of the people. But that pesky, motivated public will still has us flummoxed, so give us more money!”

    1. avatar TheThingThatGoesUp says:


      Yet, they keep repeating the words “gun lobby”.

      1. avatar Jus Bill says:

        And they’re the “Infringement Lobby,” to quote an earlier blog poster.

        BTW, how much are Gabby and her space-robot puppeteer asking for now? $10?

      2. avatar KCK says:

        “this Colorado recall would have been a slam dunk for the gun lobby”
        A lobbyist tries to influence a legislator’s vote, not the vote that a citizen casts in an election.
        When I see words used either out of ignorance or to be intentionally Orwellian as above, it bothers me.

  12. avatar Mike Crognale says:

    prediction still stands: there will be more votes cast against the recall than the number of registered voters in each district.

  13. avatar jwm says:

    So long as there is one state, county, city, or district in America where the constitution is ignored we do not have a free country. The fight will go on.

  14. avatar B says:

    She is just the creepiest thing ever. Guess wheeling out ol’ Brady wasn’t getting the result they wanted, so now they trot out this shell of a woman with the mental capacity of a child while her disgusting husband pulls the strings to make her dance. Makes me question the humanity of the gun grabbers.

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      They have neither shame nor morals.

  15. avatar Robert Farago says:

    UPDATE: The media’s reporting strong turnout. Reading between the lines, the MSM seems . . . perplexed. It’s nice to see them squirm.

    “The recall vote effort appears to be the strongest backlash to such state votes — considering Democratic-leaning Connecticut, Maryland and New York passed similar legislation without resulting in a recall effort getting on a ballot.”

    Read more:

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      Because there is no recall provision in those states, perchance?

  16. avatar Allen Smith says:

    Mark Giffords “From space, I can see me stealing your rights away”.
    F him and his drooling all over herself wife. Yea she’s a looker now, they deserve eachother.

  17. avatar Allen Smith says:

    CO isn’t NY or CT.
    That’s why the recall effort is game on.


  18. avatar mirgc says:

    Unfortunately, as far as fundraising goes at least, their approach is working. They have a lot more small donations (and a lot of pro-liberal/socialist donations) going to help stop the recall.

    Note: Who is “vet votes”? they donated almost 100k to protect these senators in CO. They sound more like one of those organizations that are all fuzzy-feel-good to get donations, but turn around and only support liberal causes. wonder how many members actually know what ‘vet votes’ is really about.

  19. avatar Mad Max says:

    There is very little coverage of the recall on CNN so I suppose their polling shows the recall will succeed by a decent margin.

  20. avatar Nine says:

    Can we try and get Big O and Buckshot Biden out of office?

    That’d be swell.

    1. avatar Rich Grise says:

      Yeah, if we could somehow inspire Speaker Boner to actually get one.

      1. avatar Jay1987 says:

        Viagra and russian mail order brides on the double for mr boehner we need him to grow something close to a bone and then put it where his spine should be.

  21. avatar KCK says:

    “this Colorado recall would have been a slam dunk for the gun lobby”
    A lobbyist tries to influence a legislator’s vote, not the vote that a citizen casts in an election.
    When I see words used either out of ignorance or to be intentionally Orwellian as above, it bothers me.

  22. avatar Anonymous says:

    Hopefully they are recalled. And if so, whats next you ask is a small celebration.

    They have had opposition the entire way, even with the recall signatures themselves:

    Hopefully they will finally get the representation they sought for.

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