New York City Cops Shoot Innocent Bystanders. Again.

“Two NYPD cops opened fire at a deranged man a block from Times Square — as he pretended to point a gun at them — but instead struck a pair of innocent bystanders Saturday night,” reports, with pics aplenty. It’s not all that surprising that New York’s Finest opened fire on a crazed man who aimed his index finger at them. Let’s call that a Mulligan—and hope the event doesn’t trigger a rash of school discipline actions against pointy-fingered kids. Less acceptable: the fact that the cops missed. Actually, what’s really awesome (and not in a good way) is . . .

NYPD about to shoot bystanders (courtesy nydailynews,com)

just how many of the Boys in Blue had their weapons drawn and how many aimed them in the perp’s general direction. So . . . not much has changed since the Empire State Building shooting, save the fact that the cops only injured two civilians instead of nine.