CO Recall Gun Rights Advocates Launch Repeal Campaign

 The Basic Freedom Defense Fund (courtesy

Anti-gunners have been hemming and hawing about the impact of the Colorado recall vote. Truth be told, the historic pushback has set the gun control industrial complex back on its heels. If gun control isn’t [once again] the third rail in American politics—as witnessed by California’s long march towards civilian disarmament—it’s a hell of a lot more prickly a poppy than it was a month or a year ago. As you’d expect, the grass roots group that kicked-off the kick ’em out campaign is looking to build on their success and repeal the ammunition magazine capacity and background check laws that pissed them off in the first place. has launched a petition drive “to reduce government control in the lives of Coloradans.” [full text after the jump] See what they did there? Can’t wait to see what they can do there . . .

Petition to reduce government control in the lives of Coloradans

Our State and Federal governments have recently threatened freedom and liberty. The government has inserted itself into our lives like never before, and furthermore our state leaders have ignored citizens at every opportunity.

We encourage you to SIGN THE PETITION TODAY and make your voice heard! The Basic Freedom Defense Fund and Pueblo Freedom & Rights will deliver these petitions to every legislator in Colorado. By signing this petition you are speaking out and saying:

1. As legislators, you “…Shall Not Infringe”
The 2nd Amendment is very clear, it says that our government “shall not infringe…” We strongly believe that a number of unconstitutional laws were passed in an attempt to further disarm citizens and infringe on or limit our rights. Chief among these laws were a ban on standard capacity magazines that you need to defend yourself properly, and a law making it illegal to give a friend or family member a firearm unless you conduct a background check. Furthermore these background checks are more than just a “check,” the form 4473’s are NEVER destroyed and government routinely makes copies of them – effectively creating a firearms registry. This is illegal, and the first step towards confiscation.

2. Listen to the People!
Legislators should listen to EVERY constituent that comes to testify at the Capitol on proposed legislation. We believe in the right to RECALL and have proven that is a tool in Colorado to hold our legislators accountable when they don’t listen!

3. Repeal the gun laws
We ask that you Pledge to Repeal Colorado’s new unconstitutional gun laws. The magazine ban must be repealed so that law abiding citizens, especially women, can properly defend themselves. The background check law must be repealed because it’s unenforceable, will make law abiding citizens into criminals, is overburdening to rural communities, won’t reduce crime in any measurable way, strongly interferes with hunting, sporting and self defense where a firearm must be quickly acquired, and because the 4473 forms will provide a defacto gun registry for the government. For these reasons, we urge you to vote to repeal these stringent gun laws, and urge you to support ballot initiatives to repeal them.

Citizens are tired of having our rights trampled by government. Government MUST reduce its intrusion into people’s lives and stop the encroachment on our freedoms.

We hope you’ll join us and SIGN THE PETITION TODAY! [Click here to link to the petition.]