Republicans Lead in Early Voting for CO Anti-Gun Legislator Recall

John Morse

We’re all sitting on pins and needles here in pro-2A land waiting for the results of the recall elections for two Colorado legislators, Senators Angela Giron and John Morse, whose advocacy for gun control (and vocal calls for their fellow legislators to ignore their constituents) made themselves the targets of the first recalls in Colorado history. The elections takes place today and you need to be physically present to vote, so we should know the results sometime late tonight. In the meantime, the exit polling numbers for those participating in the early voting in Morse’s district shows strong Republican turnout  . . .

From the Denver Post:

Unaffiliated: 26,725 or 37.81%
Democrats: 23,344 or 33.59%
Republicans: 18,174 or 26.15%
Libertarians: 716 or 1.03%
Green Party: 278 or 0.40%
American Constitution: 244 or 0.35%

Republicans: 3,923 or 41.36%
Democrats: 3,081 or 32.48%
Unaffiliated: 2,351 or 24.7%
Other: 130 or 1.37%

Keep in mind that party affiliation doesn’t necessarily correlate with how these people will have voted. But according to those leading the recall effort, their petition was split almost exactly in thirds in terms of who signed, with Republicans, Democrats and Independents taking almost equal shares of the list. I honestly have no idea how this will turn out, since the Democrats and Bloomberg have been pouring millions of dollars into the area trying to defend Morse and Giron. But the preliminary numbers are looking good.