Remington Launches Four TrackingPoint Powered Firearms


Remington appears to have finally dropped the curtain surrounding the results of their partnership with TrackingPoint, the guys with the gun that makes long range shooting boring (click here for our write-up of their rifle), and it looks like they’ve opted for a completely self contained system instead of an integrated design. The original TrackingPoint rifle includes a trigger with a variable pull weight that will fire the shot for you when you are exactly on target, but the Remington version will simply turn red when the time to pull the trigger comes. It’s a good thing for the consumer level products, meaning that you can use the same scope with multiple rifles and don’t need to change them, and it cuts down on the cost of the system. Also slightly disappointing: the system is only useful out to 500 yards, according to the website. Needless to say we’ll be asking to try one of these suckers out ASAP. Now, a few more details I gleaned from the site . . .

* There will be three brands of ammunition programmed into the scope, two Remington flavors and a Barnes all-copper selection. Cheaper than the super-precise ammo specifically designed for the original, but also less accurate as a result.

* Remington is showing off the scope on four rifles, two bolt action rifles (one in .30-06 Springfield and one .308 Winchester model) and two semi-automatic .223 Remington models. Going off previous info, the big black scope box will have the relevant info for all calibers and guns programmed into it, and the user can select which one they’re using.

* The scope still has the WiFi enabled streaming and programming, all available from an Apple app (no word on Android compatibility).

No word on how much this will cost. Yet. Stay tuned.