BREAKING: Baby Killed in Brooklyn by Gunshot Wound to Head

Careful where you point that thing, Ray (courtesy

CNN is reporting that a 1 year old baby in the borough of Brooklyn in Mayor Bloomberg’s New York City was shot in the head around 7:19 PM on Sunday. It appears that the child was being pushed in a stroller across a street in a particularly bad part of Brooklyn near a subway station when the incident happened. There are no additional details at this time, but the comments section of CNN is already blaming lax gun control laws for this latest episode of “gun violence,” and with the recent similar incident in Georgia I’m betting that we won’t hear the end of this story for a few weeks at least. I remind our readers that New York City has possibly the most restrictive gun laws in the United States.

[UPDATE 2:00PM] It looks like according to the BBC, the baby’s father was the intended target and the baby was merely caught in the middle. As y’all know, something like 77% of murders are gang related.