Shark Jumper Jumps Shark. Again

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Figuring you can never be too insufficiently informed to use a breaking news story to further your own political opinions, the actor formerly known as The Fonz, Henry Winkler, has taken to Twitter to let everyone know that, obviously, whatever has happened at the Washington Navy Yard this morning is just more prima facie evidence that the solution to criminals shooting people is still more gun control. Even though the Navy Yard shootings took place in — you guessed it — a Fort Hood-style military gun-free zone. Never mind the fact that virtually nothing is known about who the shooters are at this point. We owe Winkler a debt of gratitude for his greatest contribution to American culture, the phrase “jumped the shark“. It’s more than a little sad, though, that he’s so determined to repeat the feat.  [h/t John]


  1. avatar C says:

    I’ve always said that Winkler was the exact opposite of Fonzarelli The Fonz was cool. HW is just a dork.

    1. avatar BillF says:

      It’s hard to believe HW was ever able to play cool. The world needs more Fonzies and less Winklers.

  2. avatar BLAMMO says:


  3. avatar Tama Paine says:

    Henry who?

  4. avatar jwm says:

    The Fonz found out one of the truths of life. If you want to stay cool, die young. Age takes away the coolness factor.

  5. avatar Corvidae says:

    The Fonz is dead to me.

  6. avatar Jerry R says:

    He must be the greatest actor yet. Being able to play Fonz as cool was his greatest acting job ever.

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      It was practically his ONLY acting job ever.

  7. avatar Jus Bill says:

    He needs to go back to selling reverse mortgages instead of gun control.

  8. avatar Ardent says:

    Here we have an actor who hasn’t been relevant in decades talking from his rear about a divisive socio-political issue. . . I’m pretty sure that’s a meme, unless it’s a trope. Either way, who looks to Henry Winkler for Op-Ed on the events of the day regarding anything at all?

    1. avatar Ing says:

      Maybe it’s both…some sort of unholy zombielike combo of trope and meme. A trome? A treme? A mope? A mepe?

      1. avatar Ardent says:

        You might be onto something, we need a trope that defines ‘irrelevant actor who ignorantly and unnecessarily speaks about the issues of the day, apparently for his own edification rather than actually adding value to the debate.’

        I offer Jim Carrey, as in “Winkler just did a Jim Carrey!”

        And so, a trope is born.

      2. avatar William Burke says:

        It’s TRIPE.

        1. avatar Philthegardner says:

          As a connoisseur of cow stomach dishes, I object to your attempt to associate good food with Jim Carrey (bleh). Cholesterol notwithstanding, I will enjoy tripe any time, any day over that “actor”

  9. avatar Ing says:

    I didn’t know he was still alive. Or…well…kind of alive. I think he’s one of the millions whose capacity for independent thought was permanently impaired by the GCA68 virus way back in the day.

    Speaking of using breaking news as an excuse to air your own ill-informed opinions, isn’t that pretty much the ideal use case for social media?

  10. avatar LongPurple says:

    Holy sh!t !

    He got OLD. Just him, not me of course.
    It’s a shame to see him evidence signs of mental fragility, supposing that such an incident in the most “gun free zone” possible, short of a prison, is evidence we need more gun control.

  11. avatar Mediocrates says:

    that’s the wonder about the modern age. Violent crime is down. Lame Stream Media reporting on violent crime is up 800%, and everybody pretty much has a free soapbox from which to spout their drivel, me included.

  12. avatar dirk diggler says:

    maybe he wants to gin up support for more reverse mortgages that rob seniors of their life’s savings?

  13. avatar Tim says:

    Is it just me or does he look like Larry Fine’s (Three Stooges) long lost brother?

  14. avatar Ralph says:

    Winkler and his BFF Ron Howard are koolaid-drinking Obama buttboys, so what did we expect?

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      Ralph, where and when did you hear anything similar from Ron Howard?

      1. avatar 1911A1 says:

        Ummmm, usually every time Ronnie opens his mouth, actually. Anyone that doesn’t know Howard is a socialist loving leftie has been watching too many Andy of Mayberry reruns in the comfort of his cave.

  15. avatar gs650g says:

    Thanks Henry for telling us what to do. Now GFY.

  16. avatar SkyMan77 says:

    I use to work in the same building as Henry over at MGM Studios… Very nice man but it’s plain to see that he’s an emotional type, not logic driven… His words this morning don’t surprise me; he’s Hollywood through and through… That said he’s on my don’t watch list now more than ever…

  17. avatar Gregolas says:

    Both Wash. Naval Yard & DC are gun free zones. KIller(s) got what, 12 killed or wounded? Good thing none of the victims were armed, somebody might’ve gotten hurt!

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      Interesting that The Dissembler-in-Chief made new gun control part of his speech, less than 12 hours before the shootings today, and approximately 3 miles away, eh?

      1. avatar Gregolas says:

        Rahm Emmanuel( then White House chief of Staff): “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

        1. avatar William Burke says:

          Things go smoother if you can create and control the crisis yourself.

    2. avatar Philthegardner says:

      You hit it right on the head, Gregolas! Gun-free workplace in a gun-free city. What ELSE is there to ban? And yet.we have this. Maybe the next step is to have a gun-free state on the way to a gun-free country? Cue… Obama!

  18. avatar PeterC says:

    I don’t know what’s sadder…a washed-up, delusional old character actor, or an audience that might give credence to such wreckage.

  19. avatar Logic says:

    I’m starting to think that his character on Arrested Development was very close to reality.

    1. avatar MarcusAurelius says:

      You beat me to it.

  20. avatar Frank Masotti says:

    All I can say about his comment is this, “what a fool.”

  21. avatar RickP says:

    Funny how the majority of these actors that play ‘tough guys’ on TV and are total pussies in real life.

  22. avatar Cubby123 says:

    What do you expect he is a liberal from ,Oh that’s right,(SilentSession) STUPIDVILLE Hollywierd California.The land of Fruits and NUTS!

  23. avatar AznMike says:

    Clearly the Fonz hasn’t visited Milwaukee in recent years. You have no idea how unsafe I feel just walking home at night. Hell, there was an armed robbery a block from my house the day before I moved back for school. Still trying to convince my dad and my landlord on allowing me to keep a gun there. Only thing I have for now is a freaking pocket knife.

  24. avatar fanfare ends says:

    Real simple:


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