FBI: Do You Know This Man?

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  1. avatarWilliam Burke says:

    Hey. I just saw this guy! Where was it? Oh yeah. On a flier.

  2. avatarMatt in FL says:

    How’s he make his head expand and contract like that?

  3. avatarBill says:

    Well, I’m just glad he wasn’t some white dude or all the sudden this would be all about anti-government, Alex Jones, Tea Party, etc, etc.

  4. avatarBrooklyn in da house says:

    Are those 2 pictures of the same guy?

  5. avatarJozan says:

    Texas Skinhead.

  6. avatarensitue says:

    No photo of the second Blk suspect:
    50 YO, 5′ 10″, 180 pounds, Long Grey Sideburns.
    Green clothes and a Berret. Hard to spot that on a surveillance tape

  7. avatarspacecoaster says:

    “Aspect Ratio” – It is so important in image editing…

    I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that there is no other shooter. This was just one pissed off dude, and a lot of hysteria. Not unlike the Sandy Hook reporting. Remember the guy in the woods wearing camo? It seems damn near impossible to get a straight story when chaos is ensuing.

  8. avatarron smith says:

    Idiots. wtf. Maybe ccw permits will be issued in these new found victim zones..

  9. avatarMurrDog says:

    You know what would stop to things like this? Concealed or even open carry on a military base for all service members and not just mp’s.

  10. avatarAndy says:

    Murrdog you are 100% correct,this is another Gun Free Zone shooting,when are they gonna wise up?Never goes against the antigun agenda,Boobama will probably come out with more antigun propaganda.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

    • avatartdiinva says:

      The Washington Navy Yard isn’t exactly a classic gun free zone. Unlike the local mall there are guys with guns all over the place. Gun free means no one is armed. If it is true that Alexis shot a guard and took his weapons then this not going to be a good case for good guys with guns stopping bad guys with guns. But it certainly isn’t going to be a good case for gun control either.

  11. avatarChase says:

    He’s not from Texas, he’s from New York.

  12. avatarAlan Rose says:


    “Cmdr. Timothy Jirus said he has a clearance that would allow him to carry a gun on the campus.”

    So here’s a non-cop who says he can legally carry a gun at the D.C. Navy yard. Interesting. Does this clearance also allow him to carry it through the District, where to do so would be illegal?

    • avatartdiinva says:

      Unless the LCDR is prior enlisted with Master-at-Arms rating he has no right to carry on any base. A security clearance means jack. I had clearances this guy never heard of and I was not allowed to carry. The only people who can carry on an everyday basis are MAA in an MAA billet. If you are doing tour in some not LE field you can’t carry.

    • avatarJus Bill says:

      With all due respect, the LCDR is full of ****.

  13. avatarMark N. says:

    Grammar Nazi: Shouldn’t the headline be, “DID you know this man?”

  14. avatarGreg says:

    Another military personnel involved in a shooting spree and mass homicide….. clearly we need to take guns from soldiers….. Right.

  15. avatarJay1987 says:

    Hey i seen that guy he’s that dead guy that shot up the Washington Naval Yard and i think he played Pennywise in IT the book not the movie

  16. avatargeoffb says:

    Feinstein cries “First!”

  17. avatarJAS says:

    There was shooting at the white house just now. Fox news is reporting.

  18. avatarFrodo says:

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein needs to get her facts straight before running off at the mouth.
    The news is reporting the shooter started with a shotgun then used weapons he took from security personal he shot to continue his rampage meaning to me anyway any assault rifles used belonged to security personal the shooter shot.

  19. avatarAharon says:

    He’s obviously a member of the super-secret radical-Constitutional pro-liberty pro- Bill of Rights pro-gun group known as The Black Iced-Tea-Bag Drinkers.

  20. avatarRank Hank says:

    He is Obummers son.

  21. avatarMike says:

    He’s insane, he can’t have a gun.

  22. avataranon says:

    I’m retired Civil Service. When the government does a background check, they (OPM) send out questionnaires to at least 3 people asking about the applicant (either for a federal job or as a contractor). The paperwork asks the recepient to be honest but then warns you that any information you provide about the applicant (including derogatory info) will be passed the the applicant.

    A SSSLLLLOOOOWWWWW person would realize that we are talking lawsuit so no one says anything bad about the applicant. How do I know that?

    There is no one at home at OPM or the background check people. I’ve known people whose backgroudn check was 10 months in coming. They were hired and NOT allowed to access the computer system as they had no clearance. How dumb is that?
    Politically correct is costing people their lives but who cares. Thank Clinton for no weapons on military bases. The shooting at Ft Hood is classified as a workplace violence incident and not a terrorist incident. Probably because someone in high places hates this country.

    • avatartdiinva says:

      There are two types of background checks for a security clearance. The National Agency Check Investigation or NACI and the Single Scope Background Investigation or SSBI

      To get a Secret Clearance all you need is a NACI. The NACI is a slightly more inclusive NICS type check. The references are handled the same as a standard employment reference — not very thoroughly. Basically all you need to do to get a secret clearance is fog a mirror and not have a record beyond a speeding ticket.

      Top secret, SCI or caveated [black] program requires an SSBI. That is a whole different animal. You fill out an extensive questionnaire, people get interviewed and some cases you get a counterintelligence and/or lifestyle polygraph. The process takes up 6-12 months. Sometimes you can get an interim top secret if your agency has a history on you and the SSBI is underway and nothing has come to light yet.

  23. avatarMark N. says:

    I find it endlessly amusing that after all day saying that the gunman was armed with an “assault weapon,” this evenings report on NBCNews.com, reporting that he had relieved an officer of the firearm, referred to it as a “rifle.” So if the cops or the military use it, even if it is a full auto M4 (and this seems to have been), it is just a “rifle,” but if a civilian buys one, it is an “assault weapon.” The sad part is that they seem to have the gun banners fooled.

  24. avatarSDFreeman says:

    Well if BO had a son he would look just like Aaron Alexis

    • avatarAngry AZ says:

      You mean if BO had a son who had lived through his drug smoking, hoodie wearing, fight picking teen years then he definitely would have shot up a naval base / or any other facility most likely.

    • avatarA-Rod says:

      Alex was old enough to be his brother, not his son. Let’s just say that Mr. Obama’s brother went on a shooting rampage.

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