Gun Review: WBY-X PA-459 Shotgun

Buckets of ink and ba-jillions of electrons have been spilled in the last year or so navel gazing over the subject of who owns guns here in these U-nited States. Listen to the bleatings of the Gun Control Industrial Complex (if you dare) and you’d be forgiven for concluding that there are really only 167 […]

Who Are the Gun Rights Patriots?

By Pascal The video above features the President of CCDL, Scott Wilson, talking about how the Connecticut Citizens Defense League began, what they’ve accomplished and what they are doing going forward. The CCDL began the way almost every other state-level gun rights group began. While the media loves to rail against the NRA, they forget […]

Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Wichita Whoop-Ass Edition

  Another suburban daytime break-in, another would-be burglar stopping lead. The criminal class expect members of the middle class to be away from their homes and at work during the day. Sometimes they get a surprise. Today’s tale of pistol-powered preemption comes from the south central Kansas burgh of Wichita. When officers rolled up after […]

Quote of the Day: Refreshing Recommendation Edition

“I may be a New York lefty—with all the experiences, prejudices and attitudes that one would expect to come along with that, but I do NOT believe that we will reduce gun violence—or reach any kind of consensus—by shrieking at each other. Gun owners—the vast majority of them I have met—are NOT idiots. They are NOT […]

California Anti-Gun Politics: The Dominos Are Falling

By Brian Conmy Gun rights supporters are about to be dealt a serious blow in California. I know most of you are thinking “what else is new” and unfortunately, so am I. The sad fact remains that whether Governor Jerry Brown decides to sign the current batch of gun control bills sitting on his desk […]

Quote of the Day: Ya Think?

“Fargo Police Lt. Joel Vettel says the incident is ‘concerning’ because there’s been a rash of accidental shootings in the area in the last month. He says the common thread has been human error.” North Dakota State University campus police officer accidentally shoots himself [via]