SWAT Team Doesn’t Kill Rampaging Murderer

SWAT Team playing clean-up. Again. Still. (courtesynydailynews.com)

“A California man killed his mother and lit her house on fire before he climbed atop a tractor and cruised tranquil suburban streets, firing randomly until he was gunned down by cops,” nydailynews.com reports. Another day in the gun-control paradise known as California. I bring this to your attention for a simple reason. “Cops were still at the house when 911 callers began reporting a tractor-driving gunman on a rampage in the Bridle Path neighborhood, a horse park in southwest Simi Valley. Police readied a SWAT team, but other officers arrived first and killed Carnan during a deadly confrontation . . . Police had responded to the home once before in 2008 for a mental health call.” OK, two reasons. For one thing . . .

Citizens are the first responders to any violent crime. Police are [usually] the second. And SWAT teams—who are better funded and equipped and just as bored as a military unit—are the third. Just as they were with the Tsarnaev shoot-out. Not that they participated in that melee, either.

For another, a “mental health call” eh? I wonder when society is going to learn that the reconsidering our antipathy to institutionalization is the best way to pre-emptively tackle spree killing is by. Unless we’re talking about gang bangers doing what gang bangers are wont to do. Which is, statistically, the real problem.