Question of the Day: Do You Have a Laser on Your Gun?

Crimson Trace laser (courtesy

Crimson Trace sent out a press release on the Top Ten Reasons for Owning a Laser Sight. Five of them are [self-serving] marketing blather—deleted here in acknowledgement of the value of your time and your continued exposure to anti-gunner blather. But five of the sales points are worth consideration. Make the jump for their pitch. And tell us: do you have a gun with a laser on it? Which gun, which laser and, most important, why? As for the philosophy of NOT mounting a laser on your gun because the targeting system might fail an inopportune moment, well, what about it? . . .

1) Holding Is Aiming: If your firearm has a laser system (such as Crimson Trace’s Lasergrips® or Laserguard®) installed and aligned, where the laser is projected is where the firearm is aiming-period. Crimson Trace lasers are factory sighted at 50 feet.

2) Lasers Instill Confidence: Any firearm with a laser sight can be quickly aimed, even in low light conditions or when the user-or the target-are moving.

3) Laser Sights Offer Distinct Advantages: Handguns are compact firearms that can be difficult to aim because of small or no sights, but adding a laser sight can help the shooter with point of aim and to achieve more accurate shot placement.

4) Laser Sights Can Reduce Threats: Everyone has seen laser sights on firearms used in movies and TV, and in the real world lasers can Help Bad Guys Make Good Decisions™. – Click here for more.

5) Real World Application: Having a laser sight can save your life. Click here for more details