New from Cabot Gun: Black Diamond 1911

Cabot Guns Black Diamond (courtesy

You may recall Cabot Gun recently invited the President of the United States to test fire its products during his taxpayer-funded Martha’s Vineyard holiday. By shunning the all-American pistol provider the Prez missed-out on sampling Cabot’s new Black Diamond model. CEO Rob Bianchin tells TTAG the Black Diamond is set to replace the Rangemaster in their product line. Priced at $5,950, the new full-sized 1911 offers a “higher level “of hand polished blued finish than the Rangemaster, a tritium front blind sight and adjustable rear, a black Tristar trigger and . . . wait for it . . . a star on the guide rod. TTAG will test fire the evil black gun on our readers’ behalf ASAP. If not sooner.