How to Subvert Florida Gun Rights Without Really Trying

 Florida career center. Et voila! A gun-free zone! (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

A member of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia writes:

I live in South Florida, a state that can claim over a million CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) permit holders. I work at City Hall in a city which shall remain nameless. Let’s just say it’s between Miami and Ft Lauderdale. Our City Manager is one of those people who thinks guns in the hands of civilians is a bad thing; only the military and police could ever handle the stress of carrying a weapon as deadly as a gun and “I am not putting our citizens or employees at risk by allowing guns in City Hall.” So . . .

Florida recently changed some of its state laws. One of the changes was the one that said State Laws supersede local laws regarding firearms. This means that you can carry concealed in places like city hall.

Except there is a list of exclusions and one of the exclusions is you can not carry in “any career center.” The city manager’s solution? We now have a ‘career center’ in the second floor lobby.

For  a wee bit of context, here is the excerpt of the relevant section of the CCW Statutes:

Firearms regulations are uniform throughout Florida, and a carry license is valid everywhere other than in a few specially-defined areas. These specially-defined prohibited areas include . . . any career center.

A career center is sometimes called “Item 11” to those that use the specific language of the CCW laws in order to subvert the intent of the CCW laws. Our city manager is one of those people and she actually calls that sad looking desk in the second floor lobby the “Item 11 desk.”

I’ve attached a photo of our “Item 11 desk” so you can see the magnificence that is a ‘career center.’ And you can plainly see the importance of such a place and why it would worthy of being on the list of places that are too dangerous in which to bring a firearm.