Guns Banned at PA’s Bloomsburg Fair


“Officials in Pennsylvania say guns will be banned at this year’s Bloomsburg Fair,” reports. “Bill Barratt, Bloomsburg’s superintendent of police and parking, says the ban is intended to assure the safety of people attending the Sept. 21-28 event.” Skipping down a couple of lines . . . “Barratt said he couldn’t recall any instances of gunfire at the fair, although there have been a few stabbings.” Need I say more? Only this: “Barratt said he expects some criticism but decided on the ban after consulting with state and federal officials.” Who warned him not to infringe on Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Or not. OK, and this too: “He told The (Bloomsburg) Press Enterprise that a domestic argument or a misfire could harm bystanders in the expected crowd of 80,000.” Damn misfires! [h/t RD]