Feds’ CA Carve-Out Craters. For Now

Sorry Bub, only guns on the approved list. For now. (courtesy wklaw.com)

“Attorney General (AG) Kamala Harris has changed California State Department of Justice policy and is now limiting federal law enforcement agents’ ability to acquire handguns. The AG says the feds can only buy firearms listed on the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale (like the rest of us),” calgunlaws.com reports. “No doubt this screwing of federal agents will be ‘fixed’ by the legislature when and if federal law enforcement agencies find a state politician with a compassionate ear. Despite the law’s potential change, the question remains: why is law enforcement allowed special privileges to acquire firearms to defend themselves and their families when the general public can’t acquire the same firearms? We are all at risk. So why limit anyone’s right to access the best tools to defend themselves and their families? Why the double-standard?” Why indeed.