BREAKING: Ted Nugent’s Wife Arrested at DFW Airport

Shemane Nugent, bladed (courtesy Getty Images)

“Ted Nugent’s wife Shemane Deziel was just arrested at an airport in Dallas, Texas,” reports, “and sources tell us it was because she brought a gun into the terminal. The arrest took place at Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport. It’s unclear if Ted was with Shemane at the time of the arrest.” The odds that Ted’s wife wanted to use her concealed carry firearm to do mischief to anyone are about as great as the chances that Kiss My Glock will be played at the next Presidential press conference. If the story pans out, Mrs. Motor City Madman will join the throngs of dopey U.S. gun owners who forgot to disarm before facing the TSA’s blue shirted goons. Whether she retains her right to keep and bear arms is yet to be determined. Time to lawyer up and get down (on bended knee).