BREAKING: California Gun Ban Bills Pass Committee

California gun confiscation (courtesy

B-53 Ammunition/PermitsPASSED“This bill would require the Attorney General to also maintain copies of ammunition purchase permits, information about ammunition transactions, as specified, and ammunition vendor licenses, as specified, for those purposes.”

SB-38 Firearms: prohibited persons HOLD – “This bill would, no later than January 1, 2015, require the Department of Justice to establish a 30-day amnesty period during which a person prohibited from possessing a firearm may surrender his or her firearms to a local law enforcement agency without being charged with illegal possession of a firearm, except as specified.”

SB-293 Firearms: owner-authorized handguns – HOLD – “This bill would define an owner-authorized handgun as a handgun that has a permanent feature that renders the handgun incapable of being fired except when activated by the lawful owner or owners of the handgun.”

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SB-374 Firearms: assault weapons – PASSED – “This bill would, instead, classify a semiautomatic, centerfire rifle that does not have a fixed magazine with the capacity to accept no more than 10 rounds as an assault weapon.”

SB-567 Firearms: shotguns – PASSED – “This bill would revise the definition of a shotgun to delete the requirement that it be intended to be fired from the shoulder, and would clarify that the projectile may be fired through either a rifled bore or a smooth bore.”

SB-683 Firearms: firearm safety certificate – PASSED – “This bill would instead, commencing January 1, 2015, and subject to exceptions, prohibit a person from purchasing or receiving any firearm without a valid firearm safety certificate, and would, subject to exceptions, prohibit any person from selling, delivering, loaning, or transferring any firearm to any person who does not have a valid firearm safety certificate.”

SB-755 Firearms: prohibited persons – PASSED – “This bill would add to the list of misdemeanors, the conviction for which is subject to those prohibitions, misdemeanor offenses of violating the above provisions as well as threatening a peace officer, removing a weapon from the person of a peace officer, hazing, transferring a firearm without completing the transaction through a licensed firearms dealer, furnishing ammunition to a minor, possession of ammunition by a person prohibited from having a firearm, furnishing ammunition to a person prohibited from possessing ammunition, carrying ammunition onto school grounds, carrying a loaded or concealed weapon if the person has been previously convicted of a crime against a person or property, or of a narcotics or dangerous drug violation, or if the firearm is not registered, participation in any criminal street gang, and a public offense committed for the benefit of a criminal street gang.”