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The Daily Caller calls Amazon jefe Jeff Bezos a libertarian. I’m not so sure. Although Bezos is pro-gay marriage, the new owner of the Washington Post is as anti-gun as he needs to be. In other words, Amazon bans the sale of legal guns (excepting toy and air guns) and ammunition to its customers yet goes all-in for violent FPS and other shoot ’em ups. FWIW Bezos’ boyz recently wrote a check for $30k to the Seattle-King County Gun Safety Initiative (a.k.a., gun buyback). Even if Bezos wanted to curb the WaPo’s anti-gun zeal – and there’s no reason to believe he does – it would be a Herculean task. The chances that Bezos could convince the J-School grads who define and dominate the paper’s culture to re-think the Second Amendment are about as likely as getting The Liberal Gun Club Forum to support Ted Cruz for president.

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50 Responses to Amazon’s Bezos Buys Anti-Gun Washington Post [UPDATED]

  1. They will also do ‘commission on sales through the website thing’ for the Second Amendment Foundation.

    Any time you’re going to buy something on Amazon, use http://www.saf.org/amazon to get to the site!!! This automatically donates a portion of your purchase to SAF. It does not cost you a cent.

  2. Amazon is, by far, more gun friendly than google. I have a feeling we are going to see business as usual as far as the Post’s gun related content.

    On a side note, it really is too bad that Ted Cruz can’t run for president…

    • Ted Cruz is eligible to become president. Even though he was born in Canada, his mother is a natural born US citizen from the state of Delaware and that meets all criteria.

      • Obama’s mother was as well but that didn’t stop the birthers from demanding proof that he was born on U.S. soil.

        • FWIW (and without getting into the question of location), as I understand it, the laws on the books at the time of Obama’s birth was that US citizenship could only pass to a child born overseas to a U.S. citizen parent and non-citizen parent if the US citizen parent was at least 19 years of age. Sen. Obama’s mother was only 18 at the time he was born.

        • I have no idea concerning the birthers and Obama. The requirements of ‘natural born citizen’ means one who is entitled under the Constitution or laws of the United States to U.S. citizenship ‘at birth’ or ‘by birth,’ including … those born abroad of one citizen parent who has met U.S. residency requirements. In as much as that states Ted Cruz meets all criteria.

        • While I sympathize with the Birthers’ desire to be rid of Obama, they really need to inform themselves regarding the law. Children of US citizens are US citizens at birth regardless of where mom is when the contractions start. Obama could have been born on the moon, it wouldn’t affect his citizenship in the slightest.

  3. So on goes WaPo’s march to oblivion. Hope he does just as well as the NYT did on the Boston Globe.

  4. Amazon sells Magpul, that’s a gun part. Go search Amazon for “Remington 700”, I read TTAG frequently and will only continue if you report accurately, this posting is blatantly wrong.

    • I’ve bought tons of gun stuff off Amazon. Like direct from them, not other sellers. Think the Timney trigger I bought was from them too.

      • Yup.

        Amazon is not particularly politically active in either Seattle or Washington State. Their big issue is sales tax on online sales, and that mostly has to do with the difficulty of accurately implementing a system (a lot of jurisdictions use streets as boundaries for tax zones, the address lists tend not to indicate which side of a street a given building is located on).

        Amazon’s ban on firearms (not firearm accessories) is almost certainly more related to a desire to not become the ‘deep pockets’ targeted in a lawsuit than a position on the 2nd A as such.

    • Yes, there are LOTS of gun parts on Amazon. Additionally, the Million Mom March thing just sounds like the Amazon Associate program, which is open to anyone who wants to send business Amazon’s way.

      • Agreed. Plenty of gun parts on Amazon, from stocks to triggers to internals to picattiny tacticool accessories and bipods, scopes, mounts grips, forends, sights, you name it. Posted information on Second Amendment Foundation affiliate program up above (see 1st comment)

      • Yup – as long as you don’t use the word “assault” or a like term in the description you’re good to go for accessories – furniture, lasers, scopes, slings, etc. I’ve even bought mags through affiliates, but I don’t think those are supposed to be allowed (certainly not any more).

      • So Bezos is happy to collect income thru his fiscal blackhole and then use the funds to push a leftist agenda. Shocking!

    • Yep. At one point or another I’ve bought pretty much everything firearms-related but primary action parts (receiver, barrel, etc.) via Amazon. As noted above, Magpul stuff (except for complete magazines) is readily available, as are a wide variety of AR parts including lower parts kits, all manner of stocks, grips and forearms, etc.

      Google is more anti-gun than Amazon — and nobody cares, because Google Products search is a terrible way to source gun parts.

    • I know nothing of this guys actual political ideas but it doesnt seem like his business goes out of its way to stop all things gun. theres a ton of stuff on amazon for guns. And with all the legal liability i can understand trying to avoid the trouble from what would probably be only a small portion of sales of selling actual guns. plus im sure it does somewhat hurt sales to have your business show up on the news as the one that sold the gun or gun part to some mass murderer. i think of it more of a business decision, some business models just make the legal part of selling guns to complicated. My local shoprite doesnt sell guns i dont just assume the owner must be antigun.

  5. I have seen this Libertarian meme about Bezos from many conservative sources. You all know what I think about Libertarians but that aside Bezos bankrolls the Democrat Party. Bezos supported the internet sales tax because he can afford it and many of his rivals can’t. He is nothing more than an Obama supporting crony capitalist.

  6. I see plenty of Magpul parts for sale on Amazon, along with AK74 Bayonets. AK47 Rails, AR15 Rails, Rails for Saigas, etc…

    I have noticed a decline in buttstocks though, particularly from The Mako Group and CAA.

    Not sure if it’s related, but I bought my AK handguard through Amazon without issue.

  7. Don’t make fun of liberal gun owners as I suspect half this site’s subscribers voted for Obama. Not me though as I support the 2A 🙂 Boo-yah!

    • Many liberals support 2A. It’s the “liberals” who are DINOs (democratic in name only) whore the problem

      Tyrants, whether theocratic or Statist, are the Great Enemy.

      I support the entirety of the Constitution, and will use 2A as needed in order to do so.

      I voted for him, once. Didn’t know his stance on 2A at the time.

      I couldn’t see sending McCain in there for GWB’s third term, and placing a “person” who could not name the three countries in North America*, insisted that Africa is a country and couldn’t name ANY of the first ten Ammendments into the number two spot.

      Had McCain died … No. It’s just too horrible to contemplate.

      Not the second time, though, and only partly because of 2A.

      Not due to ineffectiveness, either. While he’s tried to do some good stuff, the party of no has made it difficult, some stating that his failure is their only aim. Icky.

      No, it’s because he’s created an even more opaque, autocratic regime than his predecessor, a thing I’d not thought possible.

      Well see what 2016 brings…

      * Super Secret answer: The three countries in North America are us, us on decaf and the enchilada place.

  8. When over 80% of your political donations go to democrats, you are not a libertarian. You’re a democrat.

    • And you live in Washington State and need to bribe your local pols.

      OK, seriously, I think Bezos is probably a center-left or moderate Democrat, with maybe a few libertarianish tendencies. Which makes him a centrist in Seattle.

  9. c’mon now – no need for TTAG to engage in muckraking and yellow journalism. As has been pointed out by several posters, lots of gun parts are sold on Amazon, both directly and through associate sellers on the page. Plus, just about anyone can become an Amazon associate and have Amazon kick them a commission for sales made through their web site.

    RF, you are way too smart for me to believe that you would make mistakes this big. It smells like another attempt to stir the pot. I thought that many of the readers (and some of the writers) made it clear already that we don’t want TTAG doing crap like that. Report the facts and don’t make shit up. If you want to grouse about something, that’s fine – it’s an editorial opinion, but even those should stick to accurate info. If TTAG starts making stuff up just to stir up trouble, its no better than the Huffington Post, NYT, or WaPo.

    • Yeah, this is one of those posts (like the “Incendiary Image” IDF post on Monday) where I immediately thought, “Why is this even on TTAG?”

      The connection to guns is tenuous at best.

  10. 1) I’ve noticed the Woot, now a part of Amazon, often sells air guns. The pearl-clutching on the forums the first few times they did so was, well, amusing.

    2) David Brin, a noted SF author, is usually considered a Libertarian of note, but he’s not particularly a friend of 2a.

  11. yea, I buy a ton of stuff from Amazon. I will have to rethink this if the owner of Amazon turns out to be gun-unfriendly…..

  12. I have no idea what Bezos’ gun politics are, but he has made donations to the Reason Foundation. They are a pretty hard-core libertarian organization (Reason magazine, etc).

    Even if Bezos isn’t with us now, he might be convinceable. No one who donates to Reason is a lost cause.

  13. To echo what others have said: lets not go creating enemies, we have plenty of real ones already.

    Also, I don’t know his position re the 2A but odds are he is better/fairer than the current ownership, and that would be a good thing.

  14. Amazon is a great to get gun parts and accessories. I’m not sure how, besides the fact they don’t sell firearms, that makes them or Bezos anti-gun. Amazon want’s to make money any way they can and there is little difference, if any, between selling a bike tire or a Barbie doll. There is, as you know, a fair amount of regulation, cost, paperwork and overall bureaucracy associated with becoming and being an FFL. Gun stores don’t make a living selling guns, they make it selling everything that goes with them. So maybe it’s just a dollars and cents decision, which to me, is the shortest distance from A to B. Why sell a product (political situation notwithstanding) that is a huge headache low margins when you can just sell the higher margin accessories? It’s a no brainer.

  15. quote from libgunclub
    “Actually, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Seems like a pretty cool guy so I guess it’s a good thing. Should nudge the paper a bit back over towards the left.”

    amazingly I thought the paper was already to the left, but meh whatever

  16. The section concerning amazon banning parts is blatantly wrong. I trust this site to give accurate information. Retract comments such as this or you will lose readers like myself.

  17. Now Jeff Bezos turning the WA Post into a sounding off rag
    for his anti-firearm & anti-2nd Amendment liberal and Democratic buddies
    that would not surprise me at all.

  18. Amazon doesn’t sell (legal) guns via its website because the model isn’t scalable. Every state has different laws regarding shipping and what not, to say nothing of international restrictions. Its just too much of a logistical/legal nightmare to bother with.

    Regardless of whether Bezos is pro or anti gun, I don’t want him messing with the Post’s content. The Post is anti-gun, and they are in my opinion wrong headed, but having Bezos mandate that they go progun as you suggest is just as if not even more asinine. You accuse the anti-gun movement of throwing cash to buy opinions, we shouldn’t do the same.

    Besides, Bezos was at Banker’s Trust & DE Shaw. Those are not orgs that churn out die hard liberal Dems.

  19. Well, WAPO cant go much lower, and given that its mostly liberal bias seems to be boring people or alienating them, I would think that Bezos, being a smart business man who you would think would like to make a good return on his investment, would be changing what doesn’t work, and making improvements on what does-

    Being a DC version of NYT is a loser, as Boston Globe found out, being sold for half the price, and trying to go more liberal more national wont work- look at Newsweek, when Tina Brown, supposedly the goddess of media, found out when that was sold for a buck.

    Post Co retained the left-wing rag online in Slate- so no point for Bezos doing more of the same. Washington Times does a good job of representing a more conservative opinion slant in DC, but thin on the ground in news.

    In fact if you list all the major MSM outlets its quite a list of letters that are 80% liberal, and none of them making money, vs Fox, which is…

    So I see the opportunity for building good news reporting- from boots on ground, and that’s expensive- so the opportunity is how do you get it, at good quality and good price- just like Amazon. And the product is turning that around to sell in the old wire-house model- every community paper still needs to buy national and foreign news cuz they cant afford to put someone in Paris, for example.

    NYT has tarnished its own brand there- their bias and botched execution has just about killed the Gray Lady, including as one of two sources of the wirehouses news, and AP, the other, hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory lately with the scandals in faux photos, and so on.

    So, maybe Bezos can do what he has done at Amazon- create a warehouse model for creating and redistributing good product at a good price. In this media environment what costs money is good reportage on the ground- the grist for the mill. Spinners and PR propagandists are a dime a dozen, and subject to loss of credibility- look at Peggy Noonan. The tech guy at NYT was recruited away due to his own expertise and insight, and that “brand” attached to him for his hard work, on the ground.

    Hard working journalists with a reputation for integrity will flourish, for Amazon will provide a wider marketplace than the old newspaper model, where they would be captive to the ownership’s bias, or the limited market in a small liberal marketplace, compared to the reach at Amazon.

    And smart writers always have a book in the works, built on the chapters of the work they are doing, on the ground- look at any number of new ones online-and that’s more product for Amazon, who doesn’t need nor want spin- they want readers. And those authors are coming more and more from bloggers- or those supported in good blogs, like Robert is mentoring in TTAG, or aggregators are doing at places like PJM, Daily Caller, HotAir, to name a few- that seem to me to be MUCH more vibrant, interesting and fast growing than the stale Huffpo retreads and shallow name calling.

    Especially when those writers have specialty knowledge, or brand gained by loyal readers who like it when they call the shots without spin- Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, Ledeen at PJM, Michael Totten in foreign reporting- many others come to mind.

    I think this is a good thing for America, and truth in news media in general, for that’s the product that’s hard to come by, and I look forward to what Bezos does.

  20. Besides- its still America, and a free market- just like those of us who whine about something we don’t like here-

    its still Roberts BBQ, and he has the right to serve up whatever meat he wants- you don’t have to eat if you don’t like it…but he does pay attention, to the customers.

    and I am sure Bezos gets that too.

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