A Special ‘Thank You’ to the TSA

Thanks to the TSA!, c Nick Leghorn

No, seriously. Let me explain . . .

I was on my way back from the Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun shoot. We had finished shooting around 2 AM the night before and then I went back to the hotel room and threw everything in their bags and cases to get ready for my early flight that morning. I was completely exhausted and wasn’t caring too much about making sure to cross all my “t”s dotting my “i”s. So when it came time to chuck my magazines in the bag, instead of unloading the remaining ammo into the manufacturer’s cardboard boxes (like the guidelines for traveling with firearms say to), I just threw them into the bag. Even then it should still be OK, so long as the ammunition was completely enclosed in the magazine. Except mine weren’t.

When it came time for the TSA to screen my bags for the flight out of Redmond (RDM) they found the magazines, sans covers. At that point, they could have easily chucked the mags and left a love note, or just dumped all the ammo into the skip. Instead, someone took the time to fashion some covers for my magazines out of the TSA inspection leaflets and some tape.

My laziness could have led to a serious shortage of magazines on my end, only days before I need to ship out to the Pro/Am in Kentucky, but the TSA went out of their way to do me a solid. So while I may not agree with the security theater that they enforce, a special thanks is in order to the guys at the front line who used a touch of common sense and some customer service to make sure that everything made it home.