Incendiary Image of the Day: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words Edition

Anti-gun agit prop (courtesy

“Did you know that every 30 minutes a child or teen dies or is injured from a gun?” Marian Wright Edelman asks in her forward to the Children’s Defense Fund’s Protect Children Not Guns 2013 report. “As this report documents with the most recent data available, the toll of this gun violence epidemic is devastating. In 2010, 18,270 children and teens died or were injured from guns, 17 classrooms of 20 children every week. Children and teens in America are 17 times more likely to die from gun violence than their peers in other high-income countries. Is this what we mean by American exceptionalism? We can do better. We must do better.” And while they’re doing good, it would be good to remember that the vast majority of the “gun violence victims” in the study were gang bangers. And that guns save lives. Young lives. More than they take. Every. Single. Day.