BREAKING: Jim Carrey Apologizes to “Assault Rifle Fans”

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Calling Jim Carrey’s Twitter apology to owners of “assault rifles” a “breaking story” is like calling the‘s photographic ode to summer an advertisement for chastity rings. For that I apologize (the breaking news designation and the rings, not The Chive’s salaciousness). Needs must. Where was I? While it’s nice to see the anti-gun antagonist attempt to placate The People of the Gun, Mr. Carrey seems blissfully unaware that Americans who cherish their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms couldn’t give a toss whether or not Jim Carrey loves them. If he’d truly seen the light—if he’d gained an appreciation for the Second Amendment—that would be another story. A bigger and more important one. Especially if, as Dan suspects, the producers of Kick Ass 2 inspired this Tweet by kicking Carrey’s ass.