Ban Tattoo Guns!

Gun tat (courtesy /

There’s a serious point here, somewhere. Something about not blaming inanimate objects for their abuse, connecting the dots between misused tattoo guns and “gun violence.” What really amazes me about this link to’s Tattoo guns should be harder to get: it’s not a link to some smokin’ hot babes. Which, in case you didn’t hear about it, Nick banned hereabouts. The picture above is NOT in’s gallery of hideous tattoos because A) they’re all too hideous to use on TTAG and B) none of them are firearms-related. So I scraped the image above because A) it’s epic and B) I wished had gone for ill-advised images instead of really badly rendered tats. It’s the difference between an IGOTD and a gang-banger. And yet, either way, it’s no reason to ban tattoo guns. Right?