Ban Tattoo Guns!

Gun tat (courtesy /

There’s a serious point here, somewhere. Something about not blaming inanimate objects for their abuse, connecting the dots between misused tattoo guns and “gun violence.” What really amazes me about this link to’s Tattoo guns should be harder to get: it’s not a link to some smokin’ hot babes. Which, in case you didn’t hear about it, Nick banned hereabouts. The picture above is NOT in’s gallery of hideous tattoos because A) they’re all too hideous to use on TTAG and B) none of them are firearms-related. So I scraped the image above because A) it’s epic and B) I wished had gone for ill-advised images instead of really badly rendered tats. It’s the difference between an IGOTD and a gang-banger. And yet, either way, it’s no reason to ban tattoo guns. Right?


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46 Responses to Ban Tattoo Guns!

  1. avatarThomas Paine says:

    nick banned links to hot chicks? please explain.

    • avatarCA.Ben says:

      Happened after the reader survey, apparently they weren’t going over well with a good portion of readers.

  2. avatarDaniel Silverman says:

    Actually ok I am just confused about the article. Well there really wasn’t any writing, I did manage to do a few desk faces as I scrolled through the pictures! I just was wondering how to by a laser removal kit on the cheap to help these poor folks!

    • avatarCA.Ben says:

      My sister’s boyfriend’s dad removes tattoos. The laser machines start at $30k.

      Solution: don’t get a stupid tattoo.

      • avatarensitue says:

        Solution: Don’t get Stupid!
        Moderation in all things
        I have the same feelings for tats that I do for thistles, it’s a personal distain to be sure, but there is a modicum of rational thought behind my stance.

    • avatarDave says:

      I agree; very confusing article

      RF, are you in support of Pro-2A/firearm depicting tattoos or against them? Are you going back in your previous self-defense tip against aggressive tattoos? Just once I’d like to hear your stance on something instead of a rhetorical question.

      • avatarLongBeach says:

        I believe, and I don’t mean to put words in RF’s mouth, that he thinks they are ‘rad’ and ‘extreme’ and ‘dumb’ all at the same time.

  3. avatarPeterC says:

    Facial tattoos are just another way of saying to the world, “I am an imbecile.”

  4. avatarNobby says:

    The guy in the photo is clearly pro-2A and I sort of like that tattoo in a first amendment-y sort of way. I wish more people were as dedicated to the cause. Then again, if I saw some minority dude wearing it, I would interpret it as an obvious indicator of his thuggish disposition and it would prompt me to take immediate action to ensure the safety of myself and loved ones.

    • avatarjwm says:

      How do you feel about swastika tats, Adolph?

      • avatarTANGO says:

        i find them just fine as long as the individual doesnt spread hate around me idc

      • avatarNobby says:

        I don’t agree with the meaning and mentalilty behind Swastikas but I do believe in freedom of speech, if that’s what you’re asking. Now, on the other hands, I feel like tattoos should be absolutely banned in the NBA because they are just promoting thuggish criminality. There’s a huge difference. It sort of comes down to who’s wearing the tattoo, correct?

        • avatarjwm says:

          Some pigs are more equal than others, right.

        • avatarBDub says:

          I think its actually thuggish criminals that promote thuggish criminality. Blaming the inanimate for the behaviors of the sentient, I believe, was the whole point.

          Your initial post is indicative of a racist disposition. Your follow-up is indicative of cognitive dissonance.

      • avatarWilliam Burke says:

        The swastika is an ancient symbol which refers to many things, NONE of which are Adolph Hitler. It was an ancient sun symbol, a symbol of blessing and good fortune – many, many things. If he had used a picture of your grandmother instead of a swastika, would you want the world to demean and ban pictures of your grandmother, who had NOTHING to do with it?

        So it is with the swastika. Just because some a-hole tyrant misappropriated it is no reason to ban it.

        • avatarJaredFromTampa says:

          +1 IIRC at one point even Americans had swastikas on their uniforms. Escadrille Lafayette, 45th Infantry Division come to mind and maybe some others…please correct me if I am wrong.

          I would still be pretty wary of anyone with a prominent swastika tattoo though.

      • avatarensitue says:

        How do you feel about “Death To Whitey” face Tats?

  5. avatarMykel Obvious says:

    I really think we need a TTAG T-Shirt ala “The Trechery of Images” that has an Evil Black Rifle with the caption “This is not a gun” under it…

    Just a thought…

  6. avatarLucas D. says:

    You were going to mention that The Chive is a stupid joke web site, weren’t you? Think about their name and see if it doesn’t ring a bell.

  7. avatarTom in Oregon says:

    After the Marine Corps put the kibosh on tats visible outside of PT uniforms, my dingbat son had “f**k you” tattooed on the inside of his lower lip. Then posted it on his facebook page. This promptly got an invite to his Platoon leaders office…

    Having a kid who is a terrific kid yet is tattooed from neck to toes, I see those with lots of tatts in a different light.

  8. avatarJeremy S. says:

    I know it’s a lame video, but I think the point is valid. Ban images of assault weapons!

  9. I think the pictures are an argument FOR tattoo guns, in that I like giving idiots the ability to advertise their idiocy so I can avoid them.

    It’s also a way to allow interesting people to express themselves, which is also a valuable thing.

  10. avatarRalph says:

    I support gun tattoos, but not assault weapon tattoos because they’re just too dangerous for civilian bodies. Nobody needs an assault tattoo. We have to get military-style tattoos off the streets, except for police who are the only ones who have the training to wear these tattoos safely.

    If you think you need a tattoo, just get a double barrel shotgun tattoo like Joe Biden says and you’ll be fine.

    • avatarTom in Oregon says:

      Or a musket tattoo. Those were the only tattoos the founders had.

    • avatarIndomitable says:

      I have a very large (2/3 scale ) colt walker tattooed on my forearm. Cops and thug types alike comment on it, and never in a negative light.TSA however, not a fan, but that is the least of my problems living in Chicago.

  11. avatarIn Memphis says:

    I love the Chive but Im slowly giving up on them. Im sick of seeing the same pictures posted in three or four galleries a week and their shirts are harder to find than 22LR. At least they do a lot of good charity work. Other than that, I can live without veiwing them more than twice a month.

    On subject, I dont care what people think is a good or bad tattoo. What matters is what the person who wanted it thinks. Sure I have seen some really bad ones but who am I to judge? Everyone loves my ink but a minor flaw leaves me self concious about it. Its the same thing just reversed.

    • avatarNobby says:

      I’m with you. I judge each person by the content of their character and actions, not by their tats or clothing. But sometimes I know people are up to no good at first glance, sometimes even before I see them.

      • avatarConway Redding says:

        Unfortunately, Nobby, sometimes the tats provide a glimpse into the contents of the tatted-out person’s character, and heeding that glimpse can spare you the pain of learning about the content of the person’s character the hard way.

  12. avatarGreg in Allston says:

    So that guy and others do that kind of “artful” abuse to their bodies, voluntarily, with their own money? Go figure. I mean, I can see it if they were barfing drunk or fantastically stoned, and they put it on their government fueled EBT card. But for someone to do that to themselves in what could be considered a rational state of mind (and later have to explain it to their unfortunate children), well, that just boggles my admittedly feeble mind. I just don’t get it at all.

  13. avatarShane says:

    I’m beginning to think RF is steamed about losing his supermodel links.

  14. avatarC says:

    Some of those were actually pretty clever.

  15. avatarTom says:

    I hate tattoos, especially on women. But, I thanks these humanoids for clearly identifying their stupidity.

    • avatarWilliam Burke says:

      People getting tattoos is not a sign of stupidity, but thinking it’s a hallmark of stupidity really IS stupidity.

      • avatarTom says:

        I didn’t say all people with tattoos are stupid, but when you get tattoos like the ones in the pictures, you lose the benefit of the doubt.

    • avatarC says:

      VERY rarely do I not hate tats on women.

    • avatarIn Memphis says:

      Youre entitled to your opinion, Tom. My ink represents over eleven years of helping people during the worst moments of their lives. I never attended college but have just as much time in a classroom as someone who has. I have certificates in emergency medicine, hazzardous materials, firefighting, emergency managment… etc. Some I had before I even graduated high school. So yea I guess Im pretty stupid. Grow up.

      • avatarTom in Oregon says:

        Yup. And, kind sir, how many hours of continuing education are you required to have to maintain your certifications?
        Probably more than most people realize.

        • avatarIn Memphis says:

          If I choose to maintain them until (if) I die of old age, much longer than it took me to initialy obtain them.

      • avatarVictor says:

        OK hero, you need to work on your reading comprehension.

      • avatarSteve says:

        Got some narcissism going on in Memphis…

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