We posted this survey on Monday night and within about five hours we had enough responses to constitute a statistically representative sample of our readers. But that’s not good enough for me — I want more. I want to know what the Armed Intelligentsia think about the site and what your interests are so that we can tailor the content accordingly. And for your efforts, we’ll reward one randomly drawn survey taker with a free book — specifically, Chris Kyle’s American Gun. So please take the survey, drop your email in the final field for a chance to win.


13 Responses to Reminder: Take the 2013 TTAG Reader Survey! Win a Book!

  1. I was at my local gun store and a kid from the university’s newspaper was interviewing the guy behind the counter about “assault weapons” and I should have piped up about his terminology. Anyway, he started to ask me if I wanted to be interviewed and I said sure. He asked me my name, and then wanted to know what kinds of guns I own. Not just rifle or pistol, but the brands and calibers and how many. I said, “thanks, but we’re done.”

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