New from M&H Machining: Side Folding Charging Handle for SCAR 16S/17S

Folding SCAR Charging Handle, c Nick Leghorn

After joining the Team FNH USA, the only “big” rule they laid down was that I needed to shoot FNH USA’s guns. Go figure. That meant the SCAR 16S. If you read my review of the 17S, the reciprocating charging handle was a bit of an issue for me. I didn’t like it one bit — I felt like it was either going to bash the crap out of my hand or I was going to get it tangled on something. If I was going to be shooting a SCAR all year, I wanted to see if I could do something about that. So, working with the folks at M&H Machining, we’ve come up with a folding charging handle for the SCAR 16S / 17S rifle . . .

The charging handle is a drop-in replacement for the existing SCAR handle, meaning no modifications need to be done to the gun. It also doesn’t add enough weight to impact the operation of the rifle, thanks to the weight-saving design. Suppressed or normal, the gun still functions.

Folding SCAR charging handle, c Nick Leghorn

My hopes for the design were that it would fit within the rails on the side of the gun (so if the gun was pressed against a wall, the charging handle would move freely and the gun would cycle just fine), but stick out further than the original charging handle when extended (to clear any bolts sticking out of the optics mounted to the rail). The final design meets and exceeds both of those expectations.

The original concept for the new charging handle operated on momentum and friction, but the final design incorporates a spring to keep the extended latch firmly against the side of the gun when not in use. The curved inner side of the latch allows you to quickly get it open when you need it, meaning no time is wasted fumbling with an uncooperative gadget. And if the worst case scenario happens and the latch becomes detached, the remaining nub is still large enough to allow you to operate the gun.

SCAR Charging Handle, c MH Machining

I really like it, but then again I helped design it. I’ll be getting this over to someone else on staff for a proper review. In the meantime, you can pick one up for $99 at