Browning Introduces Silencer-Ready “T-Bolt” .22lr Rifle

T-Bolt, via AAC

The Browning T-Bolt rifle has been around for a while now, offering a straight-pull option for those looking for a nice, accurate .22lr rifle. But according to John over at AAC, Browning is about to start manufacturing their rifles in a pre-threaded variety that will be ready for a silencer as soon as they roll off the factory floor. The official designation is the “T-Bolt Varmint Repeater Suppressor Ready,” and the MSRP on these puppies is set at about $800. It looks to be not only a superb rifle for those looking for some quiet plinking, but also teaching newbies. For those who already own an applicable silencer, the appeal of a rifle that comes pre-threaded is definitely a big draw. And if you own a can, chances are that the price tag won’t be all that scary.