California Ammo and Gun Shortage Continues. Still.


As many of the free states have begun to see ammo and guns return to the shelves, I fully expected the same for my state. Obviously all this talk about false flags and impending doom were just malarkey, right? Over the weekend we decided to hit the local Bass Pro Shop here in the central valley of California. All things considered, I figured I’d go and drool over all the things I would love to receive as a gift, or start stashing away cash for a future purchase. To my amazement it looks like the hoarding and lack of inventory is still in full swing here in the Golden State. If you were a duck hunter or skeet shooter you have no problems. Shotgun shells were in abundance. If, however, you have a center/rim fire rifle or a handgun, fuggedaboudit . . .


Clearly you can see the shelves were rather empty for handgun ammo, and the same can be said for center-fire rifle ammo. Even 22 LR was like a virgin on prom night. Just a giant gaping hole. 223, and 5.56 didn’t even have a place on the shelf anymore, and there was no bulk ammo to be found. It was a pretty sad sight as we gathered around and pondered our options. Customers were quietly talking on their cell phones. The whispers were about how there was nothing there, where should we try next. And I can’t believe this, I thought things were getting better. It appears things have either remained the same or or have gotten worse. But it only gets worse form here.


This picture is what startled me the most, my jaw actually made a thud on the display case. There are another two display cases that look just like this one. Not a pistol to be found, even revolvers were gone.

There are a number of things in play here in California. First, the shortage of pistols of every make and model is due in large part to our Attorney General Kamala Harris who singed that little micro stamping deal into law. This means no more new models will be introduced to California gun owners in the near future, as the number of shops that implement microstamping in their guns can be counted using the remaining boxes of ammunition on these shelves.Actually, on second thought, that’s too many boxes.

Let’s also throw in the fact that our Gun Zone Radio folks who went to SHOT show in Las Vegas were told by a GLOCK executive that California can FOAD. Actually I think the exact words were along the lines of “California can go F**k themselves, and we will never again introduce a new pistol to that state”. I get the feeling that many other manufacturers carry the same sentiment although they might not have been so eloquent about it.

Next up we have all the new gun control bills, which range anywhere from safe storage, extra taxes or some other form of registration, and licensing rules. People are running scared (straight to their local gun store) because despite our attempt to educate and bring everyone up to speed on the new laws, the fear, uncertainty and doubt about the impact of these new restrictions on gun owners is overwhelming. So semi automatic handguns have been drying up faster than a water puddle on a North Texas highway in July.

Behind the counter there were plenty of long guns. Of course anything that might be construed as tactical was not there, but there were shotguns and even a few lever action rifles from Henry (which is on my wish list already). Bolt action hunting rifles could also be had, but many had sold tags on them, so folks are getting ready for the up coming hunting season. A hop over to my favorite family run local gun shop saw much of the same.

I think what is most disconcerting to me is the fact that we are watching our supplies and access to firearms dwindle. There is nothing we can do about it other than shake our heads, and talk about moving to the free United States. If any of the current legislative bills pass which outlaw semi automatic centerfire, and / or rimfire rifles, we will be reduced to double barrel Joe’s weapon of choice.

While the Second Amendment Foundation and CalGuns Foundation have filed suit over the safe handgun list, I think we can say with certainty that our rights to keep and bear arms here in California is under attack. It is most obvious by looking at the recently added, and removed list on the California Department of Justice website. The added list includes nothing past the implementation date of the micro stamping law, and is not even one page in length. The removal list is twenty eight pages long. My heart sank at the fact that those of us here in California haven’t been able to get any breaks on what the rest of America is feeling. I can only hope that someday, we will be able to hop on over to our local gun shop and actually pick up a box of ammo.

We can all dream can’t we?