Ask Kirsten Weiss: Dealing with Scope Parallax Error

 Kirsten Weiss trick shooter (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Uncommonsense asks the next Annie Oakley (Kirsten Weiss above) about something technical to do with rifles and scopes and stuff.

I recently purchased a laser bore sighter. While experimenting, I was stunned at how much parallax error I could see in my rifle scopes when looking at a target just 15 yards away. What do you do to mitigate parallax error?

Ms. Weiss replies “Uncommon Sense, I don’t want to assume. Do you have a knob on your scope for Parallax adjustment? [ED: really?] If your scope doesn’t have one there’s an easy fix. In fact, a lot of times I use this method even when my scope DOES have parallax adjustment . . .”

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