The Simpsons: Tapped Out Game is Anti-NRA. Very, Anti-NRA


Scene: Herman’s Gun Shop. Grandpa Simpson walks in. Herman: “Hey, old man! Want to buy a gun? There’s no better way to protect yourself.” Grandpa Simpson: “You have no idea! My vision’s gone, I’m always forgettin’ who I am, I panic in stessful situations, my trigger finger itches something terrible, my aim ain’t what it used be, I often mistake loved ones for dangerous intruders, I forget whether things are loaded, and above all, my time on Earth is short, and I’d love to take a few people with me when I go.” Herman: “You’re the perfect gun owner! Step inside!” The media’s assault on gun owners, painting them as uncaring, heartless psychopaths who just want to kill people, continues apace. Click here for some more awesome quotes.